Facts & FAQs

Facts & FAQs2021-10-07T21:45:59+00:00

Marina Facts

1. The Bay Colony Limited Partnership (BCLP) transferred control of the Bay Colony Condominium Marina to the first Board of Directors on August 6, 2006.

2. The Condominium Marina is named the Bay Colony Community Yacht Club and is owned by the Bay Colony Marina Slip Owners Association (BCMSOA).

3. Currently, the BCMSOA owns the following properties:
• Marina Office / Warehouse Building – Lot #15
• Parcel A – 12.78 Acres: Bay Colony Marina basin with Docks.
• Parcel B – 6.90 Acres: Wetlands on East Side of Parcel A.
• Parcel C – 12.70 Acres: Wetlands & Spoils Area on the West Side of Parcel A.

NOTE: BCLP deeded Parcel A & Parcel B turned over to BCMSOA in September, 2008.

4. The Bay Colony Marina has 250 Boat Slips in the following sizes:
• 25 Ft. Slips – 158
• 35 Ft. Slips – 70
• 45 Ft. Slips – 11
• 50 Ft. Slip – 1
• 60 Ft. Slip – 1
• Finger Pier Slips – 9

5. Dock Measurements

A-01 thru A-19 11’ x 25’
B-01 thru B-34 13’ x 35’
B-35 and B-36 35’ Finger Piers
C-01 thru C-34 11’9” x 25’
C-35 and C-36 25’ Finger Piers
D-01 thru D-02 12’ x 25’
D-03 thru D-11 13’10” x 35’
D-12 thru D-15 12’ x 25’
E-01 thru E-28 13’ x 35’
E-29 and E-30 35’ Finger Piers
F-01 thru F-48 11’9” x 25’
F-50 25’ Finger Pier
G-01 thru G-32 12’ x 25’
G-22 thru G-32 12′ x 25′ w/extended length to 45′
G-33 17’ x 50’
G-34 18’3” x 60’
H-01 thru H-34 12’ x 25’
H-35 and H-36 25’ Finger Piers

6. Amperage: 25′ docks = 15 Amps
All other docks = 30 Amps

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can fuel be purchased on the water?2020-04-09T08:02:02+00:00

Indian River Marina-IR Bay, Indian River 302-227-3071

Vines Creek Marina- IR Bay, Dagsboro 302-539-6043

Pots Neck Bayside- IR Bay, Long Neck 302-945-3440

Pots Neck Seaside- IR Bay, Long Neck 302-945-7798

North Shore Marina at Indian River Inlet 302-227-3071

Harbor View Marina North end of Assawoman Canal and Whites Creek 302-539-0707

Where are the sand bars in the bay?2020-04-09T07:59:17+00:00

They keep changing. You may want to purchase a bay chart.

How deep is the water in the marina?2020-04-09T07:58:23+00:00

The average depth is 8′. It will be shallower along the rip ramp.

What is the gate or ramp or bathroom code?2020-04-09T07:57:29+00:00

Owners and lessees have been issued gate pass codes.

What is the speed limit in Bay Colony Community & the Marina?2021-10-07T21:02:51+00:00

17 MPH, Please obey posted speed and stop signs. Be a good neighbor.

5 MPH, Marina parking lot.

Have there ever been any thoughts about adding fuel docks at the marina?2020-04-09T07:54:21+00:00

No. Too expensive and too many associated problems.

Why is there no potable water in the marina?2020-04-09T07:53:02+00:00

The cost is prohibitive, especially is pipes burst or major undetected leaks occur.

Why doesn’t the marina sponsor various social events such as fishing contests and other types of get together ect.?2020-04-09T07:51:45+00:00

The Board plans and conducts Clam Jam and Wounded Warriors. Consideration is underway towards forming a committee for this purpose. If you would like to support these events, please contact a Board Member.

Who is the nicest Director?2020-04-09T07:49:33+00:00

The one who just gave you the combo to the restroom!

How often does the Board of Director’s meet?2020-04-09T07:48:29+00:00

On an average twice a month during season or more frequently if situations warrant. No meetings are held between December 15th and March 15th due to several of the Director’s being away. Although they are in contact with each other during this period.

How far is it by boat to the ocean from the Bay Colony Marina?2021-10-07T20:57:36+00:00

Atlantic: about 4 nautical miles. Pacific: about 3000 statute miles.

Do the dolphins enter the Indian River Bay?2020-04-30T16:26:54+00:00

Yes, and have been seen as far west in the bay as off of our marina.

What time do the dolphins come by each day?2020-04-09T07:44:21+00:00

Whenever they feel like it.

Is the water on the docks potable?2020-04-09T07:43:20+00:00


What are the Dockmaster’s hours at the marina?2021-10-07T20:59:19+00:00

Saturday, Sunday and Holiday’s from 8 AM to 4:30PM during the season