1. THE MARINA IS A TRASH IN – TRASH OUT FACILITY.  No fish or crab remains, waste, sewage, garbage, oil, trash, or other materials shall be discharged or disposed of in the marina, channel, or on the property. All discarded materials shall be removed from the marina.
  2. Current year proof of insurance certificates showing a minimum of $300,000 liability coverage for all vessels/watercraft using the marina must be kept on file in the marina office.
  3. All vessels should be fully equipped and operable for operation on the sea; equipped with all safety of life equipment required by the USCG regulations and federal, state, and local laws; and shall comply with all licensing and registration requirements.
  4. Each slip is restricted to marine mooring occupancy for a single non-commercial pleasure boat. Non-recreational vessels (such as barges) without a method of self-propulsion are prohibited. This excludes BoatUS emergency tow vessels with self-propulsion.
  5. All vessels must fit within the boundaries of the slip; except overhangs may extend up to two (2) feet; except for slips G-22 through G-34, which allows up to twenty (20) feet, without interference.
  6. Fueling of vessels in the marina basin and channel is discouraged by the Board. Vessel owners assume all responsibility for spills and damage caused by fueling their vessels.
  7. DOCKS ARE KEPT CLEAR AT ALL TIMES.  Slip owners or vessel owners shall not store anything on the docks – including fuel, flammable materials, fishing, crabbing, swimming, tubing, diving supplies, cleaning supplies, or any items that restrict access or cause a fire or safety hazard.
  8. Vessels experiencing fuel/holding tank leakage shall immediately be repaired or removed from marina property by vessel owner or may cause removal at vessel owner’s expense.
  9. Any vessel that sinks in the marina shall be removed by the vessel owner within twelve (12) hours of the sinking or the Association may cause removal at the vessel owner’s expense.
  10. No major repairs, application, or removal of anti-fouling paint or sandblasting is allowed.
  11. All vessels underway in the marina shall observe NO WAKE SPEED and be operated safely.
  12. All vehicles on marina property shall be operated in a safe manner and only be parked in designated areas.  No parking on grass or in front of gates. Motor vehicles including, without limitation, mobile homes, motor homes, truck campers, and house trailers of any kind cannot be used as campers or mobile residences while on marina property.
  13. Boat trailers must be removed the same day they arrive; no overnight parking.
  14. No fishing, crabbing, swimming, or diving is allowed in the marina basin.
  15. Dock boxes must be purchased from the Dockmaster in order to maintain uniformity in marina.
  16. Marine grade electric power cords, water hoses, and lines should be neatly coiled at all times.
  17. Slips for Sale and Slips for Rent are permitted on the marina bulletin boards and website and collected by the Dockmaster.
  18. Pets shall be kept on a leash at all times. All droppings are to be collected and removed immediately.  No pet or baby diapers will be discarded inside the marina restrooms or the marina.
  19. Riding bicycles on piers and entryways is strictly prohibited for safety.
  20. No antenna or other device for the transmission or reception of television signals shall be erected on marina property. Such antennas or other devices are permitted on boats docked in the marina.
  21. No individual signs or advertising posters are permitted on vessels in the marina.
  22. Inappropriate behavior by any member, guest, or tenant will not be tolerated and should be reported to the Dockmaster. Suspension of privileges could result from such behavior.

This listing is subject to enforcement by the Dockmaster, the Board of Directors, the By-Laws of the Bay Colony Marina Slip Owners Association, the Condominium Declarations of the Bay Colony Community Yacht Club, the State of Delaware – DNREC, and the USCG. Revised: March 2020