Updated: April 15th, 2020

Slip owners who wish to rent or sell their slip for the boating season may initiate the process at any time. Slip owners are responsible for facilitating entrance into the marina for the prospective client(s) wishing to inspect slips offered for rent/sale. The Dock Master may assist if he is on duty and available at the time of the visit.

Individuals wishing to rent or buy a slip shall contact the respective slip owner(s) directly or their designee. The Dock Master and the Board of Directors do not participate in sales or rental negotiations.

Lessors: Slip owners may initiate the process by completing the Slip Lease agreement (Click on Slip Rental Lease Packet button below for the document). Or, slip owners may use a lease of their own choosing. However, such a lease will be subject to review and approval by the Marina Board of Directors in order to ensure that the responsibilities/liabilities of Lessor and Lessee as well as those of the Marina Association are appropriately included. Please forward documents to the Dock Master annually or upon renewal.

Lessees/Renters: Before launching a boat in the marina, you must provide a copy of your current insurance declaration showing a minimum of $300,000 in liability coverage on the boat, a completed Slip Rental Lease Packet (Click on Slip Rental Lease Packet button below for the document), and a current copy of the boat registration card. These must be forwarded to Dock Master annually or upon renewal.

Slip owners requesting to list their slip for rent and/or sale may do so by completing and submitting the slip owner and slip information portions below on this page. All slips for rent or sale will remain posted on the Bay Colony Marina website until the receipt of a settlement transaction document or a Slip Rental Lease agreement.

Owner: Rent Or Sell Slip

Boat Slip Owner - Submission For Rent or Sale

Upon submitting form, Dockmaster must speak to the owner to verify submission before it will be made available.

Slip Owner Information

Slip Information