Board members present – Don Degidio, Bill Bickle, Keith Moore, Hank Larsen, Bill Hoyle
(President Emeritus)
Meeting was called to order at 10:00AM
Minutes for the May 14, 2019 were approved.
Financial Report
-Financial report was reviewed and approved.
Old Business
– A canopy will be installed on the main breaker box and secondary as additional protection against
water damage. A design was reviewed and approved and work will be completed in July.
-Marina Website – Responsibility for updating and maintenance of the Marina web site will be taken
over by the Board in August. The Board would like to thank and acknowledge George Kalvinsky
for his deeply appreciated hard work over the past years.
-Marina Main Sign floodlight to be repaired, estimates required
-Indoor security camera to be repaired
New Business
-4th of July Marina Operations – Dockmaster Bob to work Thursday-Sunday on our busiest
holiday weekend.
-Operation Seas The Day 2019 Meeting #2 will be held Monday, July 15, 2019 at 1:00PM at the
Millville Fired Department. Bay Colony Marina board representatives will attend.
-We will be working with the Bay Colony Homeowners Association this year to expand our
support for our wounded veterans.
-We will be asking for Boat Captain Volunteers
-New signage and flags will be posted in the Marina
–Cupola light in need of repair, work estimate and repair will occur with main flood light repair.
-2020 Elected Officers – Bill Bickle
-Marina Monthly Actions
-Repair electrical junction boxes, to be done by landscaper (one box damaged by lawn
-Addition of boat ramp stop block. End of ramp warning added with orange paint.
-New non-skid surface applied at main gate ramp.
-Marina Long Term Actions
-Repair of boat ramp concrete portion
-Replacement dock proposals
-Parking Lot Flood Repair – USACE and DNREC permitting and work plan
Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 31, 9:00AM