Bay Colony MarinaMonthly Board Meeting

October Board of Directors Meeting; October 24, 2023

(attending: D. Degidio, B. Hoyle, P. Hekl, D. Shapiro)

Approval and web posting of Minutes from August Monthly Board Meeting held on September 28, 2023.

Upfront Items for Decision or Information

  • Retrieval and replacement of Red Buoy by TowBoatUS
  • Replace Well Tank – Daisy Wells; get estimate and schedule
  • Winterization of the Marina; winter buoys, water turn-off, office shut-down, Dockmaster work compete. Email reminder sent out (review).

Marina Financial Update

  • Review Marina Monthly Budget spreadsheet
  • Review DRAFT 2024 Budget
  • Slip transactions update
  • Slips sold
    • New Slip Owner addresses
    • Welcome email sent to new Slip Owners (Mike)

Marina Maintenance Update

  • Completed Maintenance
    • No change – Dock carpentry repairs – PJ Handyman. Paid in full up to date. One item remaining – Dock A/Gate #1 under
    • 2024 Season – Install zinc anodes and place on docks to monitor throughout season
    • Inspected and replaced dock pedestal Recheck to be done shortly.
  • New and Ongoing Maintenance
    • Cut down tree sapling around Marina basin; set date to complete
    • Inspected parking light lights – requires replacement
    • Retrieve and change out Summer Red and Green buoys with Winter buoys and replace chains and repair worn buoy eye-lets
    • Conduct dump run; dock box cardboard

Marina Business Update

  • Previous Business
    • Update Constant Contact list with Slip Owners and Slip Renters
    • Slips for Rent and Sale on Marina website
      • 1 x Slips for Rent (G-3)
      • No change; 6 x Slips for Sale (A-6, B-5, C-24, F-7, F-42, G-3, H-21)

·       New and Ongoing Business

  • Constant Contact emails to send out
    • Annual Assessment Reminder
  • Annual Meeting recommendations
    • Bench(s) in Marina – no
    • Bike rack – no
    • Review initiative for Renter Fee of $100 per Slip assessed to Slip Owner – deferred
  • Marina Dredge Plan and date; December 2023 – January 2024
    • Acquired new Permit Contractor, Edward Launay (we formerly used Dr. Evelyn Maurmeyer, Dredging, Coastal & Estuarine Research, Inc., at a cost of around $3.5K)
    • Permitting process for DNREC; USACE complete and valid
    • DNREC – 3 years; USACE – 10 years
    • Previous Marina dredging conducted December 1-31, 2017, $100+K
    • Review scope of work based on bathymetric study
  • Review Marina Monthly activity task list for November, December, January

Future Business

  • Conduct survey of Slip Owners on Marina replacement and assessment
  • 2024 – Plan and host Delaware Boater Safety Course conducted by the USCG Auxiliary Indian River Station. Slip Renter is Instructor. Cost is $20 per
  • Marina Replacement proposals; previous estimate August 2020 at $3.8M, and May 2023 at $4.35M (UPDATE)
    • Review Capital Improvement loan information with Banks

Next Monthly Board meetings;

  1. CHANGE: November Board Meeting – Conduct on Tuesday, November 14, 10:00AM (was Tuesday, 10:00AM, November 28), complete Annual Assessment Mailings before December 1st and winterize the office and bathrooms
  2. December – No Board Meeting
  3. January – Board Meeting TBD