Board members present – Gary Carpenter, Dave Deganich, Chuck Scharp, Randy Forster
Meeting was called to order at 7:00PM
Minutes of Previous Meeting , 11/17/2016, were read and approved.
Financial Report – All HOA dues have been billed and collected. This year’s small increase in
dues netted the marina an additional $14,000. Currently, we have $98,000 in our checking
account for operating expenses and over $436,000 in long term reserves. However, we
anticipate numerous repair expenses to continue this season.

Old Business
Dredging permits have finally been approved and received. Dredging is scheduled to begin
the week of April 24th and include H dock in addition to the mouth of the marina.
Pole replacement phase 2 is also scheduling to begin ASAP. Approximately 25 additional
poles will be replaced ASAP and minor repairs to the dock itself. Droney Marine Construction
has again been retained to handle this work.
Dockmaster retention is a board concern for the board as the season is about to open.
Contingency plans are being made should a new Dockmaster be needed. The board hopes to
continue relationship with current Dockmaster.
New Business
Marina Opening and water being turned on is scheduled for Saturday April 15th
New Board Nominees have been received for two (2) board positions that will be vacated
this year. Information regarding potential new board members will be included in the mailing
for voting purposes. That mailing will also announce the Annual Meeting will take place on
May 20, 2017 at 10AM at the clubhouse.
Additional Dock repairs are projected for this season including estimated 25- 57 float box
AED was out dated and considered a liability. Board agreed to remove the device as no
trained personnel is regularly on site. Slip owners are reminded to call 911 in call of an
BYCYC will again participate in Operation Seas the Day. The 1st operational meeting is
scheduled for May 24, President Gary Carpenter will attend.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 7:00 PM 05/9/17