Board members present – Don Degidio, Bill Bickle, Keith Moore, Hank Larsen, Bill
Hoyle(President Emeritus)
Meeting was called to order at 10:00AM
Financial Report
-Financial report was reviewed and approved.
-Annual dues mailing completed. No increase for 2019.
Old Business
-Review of one final landscape cleanup. Several trees to be removed that are dead or infringing
on the roadway.
-Phase 1 of parking lot maintenance which included crack repair and patches. Phase 2 (asphalt
seal and line painting) to be completed in March of 2019.
New Business
-The annual letter from the board to slip owners was reviewed and approved.
-A review of vendors and contractors providing services to the marina was updated listing contact
-The red and green buoys at the entrance to the marina will be replaced with new buoys.
-We will purchase new dock throw flotation devices.
-Research to be performed on updating/repairing plumbing and electrical on the docks.
-Research to be done on repair/upgrade to the main electrical panel near the first dock entrance.
This has a high priority.
-New signage will be purchased to replace the faded/broken ones in the marina.
-Research to be performed to see if we can eliminate or lessen the flooding that occurs in the
parking lot.
-The marina rules were updated for 2019.
-The 2019 Marina Annual Meeting to take place on May 18, 2019 at 10:00AM.
-Over the winter, monthly checks will be made of the Boathouse and the Marina.
Next Meeting: No meeting scheduled until March of 2019.