Board members present – Don Degidio, Bill Bickle, Keith Moore, Chuck Sharp, Hank Larsen,
Bill Hoyle(President Emeritus)
Meeting was called to order at 10:00AM
Financial Report
Financial report was reviewed and approved.
Installation of New Board Members
Don Degidio, President
Chuck Sharp, Vice President
Keith Moore, Treasurer
Hank Larsen, Secretary
Bill Bickle, At Large
Bill Hoyle, President Emeritus (Board Advisor)
Gary Carpenter has resigned as board president. We will miss his leadership and we sincerely
thank him for his service to the marina. Bill Bickle has volunteered to step in and fill the vacant
board seat.
Old Business
Pole Replacement: Caps installed
Dock Repairs: We have had to dismiss the contractor hired to make dock repairs. A search is
underway for a replacement.
Operation Seas the Day: Many thanks to the slip and boat owners who volunteered their time and
boats to show Wounded Warriors and their family a day out on the bay. The day was an
outstanding success.
Dock carts have been purchased, assembled and stenciled and are ready for use.
5 MPH Speed Limit signs have been installed
Parking Lot Maintenance: We have received an updated proposal to repair the marina parking lots.
The price is less expensive then previously proposed. The work is budgeted and approved. Timing
will be later in the fall when there is less activity in the marina. In an effort to reduce speeding, the
board will look into adding speed bumps near the main gate.
New Business
One of the green buoys at the entrance of the marina was reported missing. It has been replaced.
The board reviewed the Monthly Maintenance list as we head to fall.
– Fire extinguisher certification
– Marina winterization
The board reviewed the 2007 Marina Conditions Report prepared by Soule and Associates from
Salisbury, Maryland. It was decided to solicit quotes to update the report so that we can have a
professional assessment of the marina conditions and necessary repairs.
The board will also solicit three bids from reputable marine contractors for marina repair tasks.
Pedestal light bulbs that are not working will be replaced.
Next Meeting: 10:00AM on 10/18/2018