Attendees: Board Members – Gary Carpenter, Brian Emery, George Kalvinsky
(via phone conference) , Gary Kane, Keith Moore.

Minutes of the previous Board meeting on December 17, 2013 were approved as issued and have been posted on the marina web site (

Financial Report

  1. Summary of Account Balance as of 03/12/14 –
    1. Checking – $100,563.62;
    2. Capital Reserve – $339,925.06; for a grand total of assets currently available = $440,488.68.

Annual billing

  • There are only two owners who are delinquent with their annual


  • Area marine dealers and boatyards are being informed about combination code changes at the ramp and entry gates.
  • Dock repairs will resume as weather allows
  • A survey to determine the condition of the float boxes will occur a soon as the weather permits. The number of boxes to be replaced this year is yet to be determined.
  • The groundskeeping contract will continue with the same vendor.
  • The same cleaning service will continue. The meeting area will be cleaned prior to the annual meeting and the regular rest room cleaning will resume when the marina water has been turned back on in mid-April.
  • Current paper products inventory is sufficient.
  • De-winterization is set to begin April 15 (weather permitting).

Operations and Maintenance Plan

  • DNREC has requested we review and update our Operations and Maintenance Plan. This document has to be updated every two years.

Nominating Committee Results

  • Two candidates have stepped forward to run for election in May to fill two vacancies on the Board of Directors.
    2014 Annual Meeting (5/17/14)
  • The contents of the mail packet that will go to slip owners announcing the annual meeting and election to be held on 5/17/2014 have been forwarded to the
    printers and should be in the mail by the beginning of April.

New Web Site

  • Our web site host informed us earlier this year that the cost to continue our present site would increase significantly. That, plus the difficulty involved in using that product led us to search for a new web site. A new provider has been found and we have created a new site that will have the same address as the old site.
  • Changeover should occur early in May after the Board thoroughly reviews the makeup of the new site.
    Data Base Requirements
  • The Board intends to review its data base requirements and the best way to fulfill those needs in a series of meeting this spring. Due to recent problems caused by incorrect addresses and faulty phone numbers the first step in this process will be to ask all slip owners to provide their correct addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for comparison with our current holdings. A note to that effect will be enclosed in the Annual Meeting packet which is due to be mailed the first of April.

Other business

  • Further discussion was held regarding a newly developed 3-step process to seal and coat the dock surfaces. Efforts will be undertaken to determine an approximate cost to do the entire marina. Discussions will continue.
  • There are no plans or efforts currently underway, as far as we are aware, to effect a remedy to the deteriorating sluice issue. However, recent discussions with DNREC personnel indicate that this topic is still being discussed from time to time amongst various people at the State and Legislative levels as well as in the private sector.

Next Meeting: 4/15/2014