Board members present: Brian Emery, Gary Carpenter, Keith Moore, Gary Kane. Absent: George Kalvinskky

Minutes of the previous Board meeting on March 18, 2014 were posted on the marina web site

Financial Report
1. Summary of Account Balances: As of 04/13/14 – Checking – $80,737.92; Capital Reserve as of 04/13/14 – $359,948.19 for a grand total of assets currently available = $440,686.11
2. All membership dues for the coming year have been collected.

1. Several of the marine dealers who service vessels in our marina – Bob’s, Short’s, Lingo, North Bay – have been notified regarding changes in combination/gate access.
2. Maintenance and repair of docks and dock surfaces will continue throughout the season.
3. The condition of float boxes will be re-assessed due to assess any new damage done over the winter.
4. The Board has renewed the contract with the grounds keeping vendor.
5. Cleaning service for the club house and office will resume on or about April 15, 2014.
6. All services, water and electricity, resumed as of April 4, 2014.

Operations and Maintenance Plan
1. The updated and revised Marina O & M plan will shortly be submitted to DNREC for approval. DNREC requires us to update this plan every two years.

1. Discussions and meetings are continuing between marina Board members, representatives from Seagrass Plantation, DNREC and our local members of the Senate and House of Representatives as to how best to repair or replace the sluice. The Board has not looked with favor on a proposal to share replacement costs between our Slip Owners Association, the Seagrass developer and the State believing instead that this issue should be addressed and handled solely by the State.

Preparation for the 2014 Annual Meeting
1. Preparations have been completed for the Annual Meeting which will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 17, 2014.

Web Site and DataBase
1. Efforts are continuing to finalize work on the new marina website and database. Members will be briefed on these actions at the Annual Meeting.

Marina Rules and Regulations
1. The marina Rules and Regulations have recently been reviewed and updated. Copies will be posted on the marina website and the bulletin board and will also be available for pickup in the
Dock Master’s office. The only significant change was to note the restriction against fishing from boats within 25’ of occupied slips.

Next scheduled Board Meeting: May 13, 2014