Board members present: Brian Emery, Gary Carpenter, Keith Moore, George Kalvinsky, Gary Kane.
Guests – Gary Taylor, Rafael Perez

Minutes of the previous Board meeting on April 17, 2014 were posted on the marina web site

Financial Report
1. Summary of Account Balances: As of 05/09/14 – Checking – $78,087.82; Capital Reserve as of 04/30/14 – $359,927.44 for a grand total of assets currently available = $438,060.26
2. All membership dues for the coming year have been collected.

• A major water supply pipe rupture was repaired by Dagsboro Plumbing. The cause was a failure of the pipe strap which supports the pipe under the decking allowing the pipe to drop and then break.
• The locations of all water shutoff valves within the marina complex will be identified and water valve location signs will be produced and attached to the decking next to the valve locations in order to facilitate water shutoff when necessary.
• Grounds Keeping Schedule: Marina grass is scheduled to be cut on Fridays. The annual general cleanup is to be conducted prior to the annual meeting on May 17th.
• Phase II of the Bay Colony road paving project is scheduled to begin on May 14th. Preliminary street preparation will take approximately 3 days. The road used for marina ingress/egress is on the list to be paved during this phase and access to the marina will not be possible until several hours after the paving of that road has been accomplished. Due to weather and other variables, it is not yet possible to say with certainty when that road will be paved. As soon as the Marina Board is notified of the paving schedule we will notify all renters and owners via email in addition to calling the local boatyard.

Maintenance Plan/Strategy
1. Dock repairs – The board discussed the schedule for continuing work on replacing decayed wood on the deck surface and under supports. A tentative bid has been offered for replacing
numerous damaged float boxes which support the docks and we will seek a competitive bid from another firm. The Board will also seek bids for the replacement of the pipe straps which
support the water pipes throughout the marina due to them having far surpassed their useful life span.
2. Deck Covering – A Board member has been looking into a product that could be used to seal and topcoat the marina decking and he made a presentation to the Board as to his findings so
far. Two samples were also provided showing the colors, appearance, and feel of the product. The manufacturer has offered enough free product to cover 200 sq. ft. After discussion, the
Board made no decision other than to seek out other facilities in our region who have used the product to learn more about their experience with it.

Sluice Update
1. DNREC recently uncovered heretofore unknown information regarding the genesis of the sluice. It was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the mid 1930’s along with at least 18 others
for mosquito control purposes. DNREC’s Mosquito Control Unit monitored these structures until the 1950’s when they determined there were more effective mosquito control measures in
use. By this time many of the sluices had apparently fallen into disrepair. The sluice that straddles the property line between marina property and that of Seagrass Plantation is the only such structure remaining. A meeting to review the findings and recommendations of a Coastal Engineer regarding the best way to replace or repair the existing sluice is scheduled for June 2nd
and Marina Board representatives will be in attendance. There is a proposal on the table (suggested by the Seagrass developer) for a three-way split of funding to replace the existing structure between the Seagrass Developer, the State of Delaware and our marina Slip Owners Association. Sen. Gerald Hocker and Representative Ron Gray are involved in these discussions.

Operations and Maintenance Plan
1. The updated and edited plan has been submitted to DNREC.

Web Site and Database
1. A presentation about the new marina website and database was made to the Board and a similar presentation will be made to the attendees at the Annual Meeting on May 17th.

Office Computer
1. After discussion, a sum of money was allocated for the purchase of a new computer for the marina office. The existing computer has been in use for many years and was donated by a local
company when they upgraded their systems years ago. Our computer has outlived its usefulness and has become a burden to those who have to use it.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:45 P.M.
Next scheduled Board meeting: June 17, 2014