Board members present: Gary Carpenter, Brian Emery, George Kalvinsky, Gary Kane, Keith Moore and invitee Gary Taylor.

Minutes of the previous Board meeting on May 12, 2014 have been posted on the marina web site (

Financial Report
• Summary of Account Balances: As of 05/09/14 – Checking – $66,586.16; Capital Reserve as of 06/15/14 – $342,569.81 for a grand total of assets currently available = $409,155.97

• Water valve location signs: Small signs will be procured and attached to the docks indicating the location of water valves.
• Dead tree and phragmite spraying: The dead tree near the launch ramp will be removed from the premises and annual spraying of invasive phragmites will be completed within the next few days.
• Pedestal light bulb replacement: Pedestal needing bulb replacement have been identified and new bulbs will be installed soon.
• Deck Repairs: Contractor reports that repairs to the decking on H dock are nearing completion.
• Pipe straps. Contractor will replace pipe support straps where needed.
• Float Box Replacement. Contractor reports new float boxes are due to arrive by the end of the week and installation should begin shortly thereafter.

Old Business:
• Sluice update: Brian gave a detailed report of a meeting held in early June with State, DNREC, Seagrass Plantation and Bay Colony Marina representatives on the issue of repairing or replacing this structure. Purpose of the meeting was to hear the report of a coastal engineering firm that has been hired to study the problem and provide recommendations about replacing or repairing the existing structure. Possible solutions were presented which generated serious concerns regarding potential costs. The engineering firm was asked to refine their preliminary cost estimates and a
follow-on meeting has been tentatively scheduled for late July.
• 2014 Annual Meeting (5/17/14) wrap-up: The Board was in agreement that the meeting went well. Several suggestions were given from the floor. The Board took each suggestion under advisement.
• Office computer: The dock master will have the new computer on line soon. The new marina web site ( and office computer will greatly improve our capability to maintain and manage operational, budgetary and membership information.
• Operations and Maintenance Plan: The updated version (along with a $300.00 filing fee) was sent to DNREC for approval in late May.

New business:
• Boarding/access dock at the end of the launch ramp: A request had been submitted for the Board to consider installing an access pier at the end of the launch ramp. Subject was discussed and tabled for a future meeting.
• Unauthorized access at the of “A” dock: The Board will look at additional solutions to the problem. Access to the end of the dock via the ’rocks’ tends to occur infrequently and during high traffic times at the marina, however, it remains a problem.
• Skateboarding: As a result of recent problems with skateboarders the Board approved obtaining signage advising ‘NO SKATEBOARDING’ which will be installed near the marina Operations Building.
• Dock boxes: A supply of 7 dock boxes has been ordered and will be available at cost – $520.00/box. Contact the Dock Master if you want one and he will install it for you at no extra charge.
• Clam Jam: A volunteer has come forward to organize this year’s event, the date of which is not yet known. The Board will meet with the volunteers to clarify ground rules, etc.
• Operation SEAs the Day (OSTD): SAVE THE DATE! The marina will once again participate in Bethany Beach’s annual tribute to our Wounded Warriors. During the week of September 2-7 thirty Wounded Warrior families will be provided a week at the beach totally free. BCCYC will be providing a “boating option” to be available the afternoons of September 3-5 wherein these families can sign up for a half day boat ride/fishing excursion. Last year we had 14 Captains volunteer their time and boats to participate in the inaugural event and this year we will be trying to find even more as the number of Wounded Warrior visitors will increase from 25 to 30 families. Brian will coordinate BCCYC participation and will shortly send an email to all slip owners and renters asking for
volunteers for this year’s event.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:20 P.M.
Next Board Meeting is scheduled for: 7/08/14