Board members present: Brian Emery, George Kalvinsky, Gary Kane, Keith Moore and invitees Rafael Perez and Gary Taylor. Gary Carpenter was absent.

Minutes of the previous Board meeting on June 17, 2014 have been posted on the marina web site (

Financial Report
• Summary of Account Balances: As of 07/04/14 – Checking – $48037.56; Capital Reserve as of 07/04/14 – $332,589.63 for a grand total of assets currently available = $380,627.19
• Major expenses for the month of June were $13,248 for final insurance payments for the year, marina dock repairs of $3,851 and 7 new dock boxes purchased for resale at cost.

1. Water valve location signs: Stencil and paint ordered for use in marking water valves throughout the dock area showing locations of water valves.
2. Dead tree and phragmite spraying: The dead tree near the launch ramp has been removed from the premises and annual spraying of invasive phragmites has been completed with the
plants showing stress from the spray. We are currently waiting for our environmental consultant to do her last inspection of the project.
3. The float box replacement project has been completed and was done in record time by the contractor.
4. Deck Repairs: Contractor reports that repairs to the decking on H dock are nearing completion and should be completed soon.
• 5. Pipe straps. Contractor will replace pipe support straps where needed.

Old Business:
• Sluice update: Brian reported that there is no new news about the sluice project. The next meeting will be on July 23, 2014 at the Sea grass Plantation Clubhouse. Bay Colony Marina representatives Brian Emery, Gary Carpenter and Gary Taylor will attend this most important meeting on the issue of repairing or replacing this structure. The engineering firm was asked to refine
their preliminary cost estimates and will present them at this meeting.
• Office computer: The new computer is now on line and will greatly improve our capability to maintain and manage operational, budgetary and membership information.
• All members have now been notified of the new marina web site (
• The new “No Skateboarding” sign has been received and will be installed this week.
• There have been meetings with the new Clam Jam organizers and the Board to discuss the plans for this year’s event. The size of the event will be no larger than last years with approximately 200 people participating. Many of the same events held last year will be taking place again this year. Hocker’s BBQ truck will supply the food this year with a wide variety offered. The food ticket this year will be $12.50. There will be a professional photographer this year along with a DJ, Center for Inland Bays table, games, raffles, and poker runs along with the clamming competition. The Center for Inland Bays has been selected as the recipient of a contribution from the proceeds of the event.
• The Operation Seas the Day program will be held again this year with Wounded Warrior families being increased to 30 families receiving a free beach week from Bethany Beach homeowners supplying a place to stay and many other businesses supplying meals, and other events free to the families. The Bay Colony Marina is again offering boat cruises and fishing trips to these
families as they did last year. A request for more Captains to offer these families an afternoon on the water has been sent out by Brian who is chairing the event this year. A very nice “Seas the Day” boat flag will be given to each Captain and will be signed by the families taking part in this event. A great keepsake for the Captains offering their vessels.

New Business:
• The unauthorized use of the launch ramp was again discussed and it was again emphasized that only members and renters who have given the marina insurance information are allowed to use the facility. The members are not allowed to give the gate number to friends to launch their boats thus putting the marina in a serious liability position.
• There have been trailers in the marina that do not have stickers on them making it difficult for the Dock Master to identify launches that are not allowed in the marina. The board is again recommending it be mandatory for all trailers to have this sticker.
• Brian Emery discussed his recent meeting with NV Homes representatives who want to buy lots and slips, from the Hickman Partnership, in the community and offer a variety of building styles for new homes in the community along with boat slips in the offer. There will be more information forthcoming when it is available.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:05 P.M.
Next Board Meeting is scheduled for: 8/12/14