Attendees: Gary Carpenter, Gary Taylor, Randy Forster, Dave Deganich, Chuck Scharp
Meeting was called to order at 7 PM by Gary Carpenter, President.
Minutes of Previous Meeting, 10/13/15, were read and approved.
Financial Report:
The Marina’s overall account balance is $382,895.78. After numerous marina
maintenance expenses this summer, we are still in excellent financial condition and
anticipate not exceeding our annual budget. Work on replacement pilings is scheduled to
commence in December and will be paid out of the Marina’s Capital Reserve Fund.
Maintenance Update:
The “No Wake/No Gas” sign that was ordered last month has been received and
installed at the mouth of the marina.
Dock winterization is under way as water will be turned off on November 16th. Slip
owners have been notified. The board requests all water hoses be removed to facilitate easy
Repairs to the dock itself will cease for the winter and begin again in the spring.
Old Business:
The Irons Lane Watershed Meeting held on 10/22/15 was attended by Gary
Carpenter. Several neighboring communities did not approve or support the Tax Ditch
proposal and thus no consensus is achieved at this time. Next meeting is scheduled for
11/23/15 but with Thanksgiving just a few days away, we believe that meeting will be
New Lock combination for the next two years was agreed upon and cards with new
combination have been ordered and will be sent out with the December billing.
New Business:
Annual Billing letters are scheduled to be mailed early December, 2015 with due date
January 1, 2016. The Board double checked all new slip owners’ information is correct in
Marina’s database.
There have been several slip transactions, particularly with the new NV homes sales.
The Board suggested that NV Homes show the true price of a slip in their contracts. Also, the
Board gave Bay Colony Limited Partnership the Right of First Refusal in a letter dated
December 12, 2009. Five years later, July 31, 2014, Brian Emery, then Marina President,
notified the BCLP that since they didn’t seem to want the Right of First Refusal that it was no
longer needed on slip sales.
The Board must solicit a Nominating Committee for next year’s election. A suggestion
was made to approach previous Board members for this role.
The Board made notice off unusually shallow water and unsafe boating condition near
and around Buoy 16.
It was also noticed that the Dock master’s wife is still ill and his hours the balance of
the year will be in question. The Board will assist where and when needed.
Next Board Meeting is scheduled for December 8 at 7PM.
Meeting was adjourned 8:30 PM.