Attendees: Gary Carpenter, Gary Taylor, Randy Forster, Dave Deganich,
Meeting was called to order at 7 PM by Gary Taylor, Vice President.
Gary Carpenter, President, was delayed and arrived at 7:20PM
Minutes of Previous Meeting, 11/10/15, were read and approved.
Financial Report:
The Marina’s overall account balance is $379,368.22. The BCCYC is still in excellent
financial shape after a year of numerous maintenance projects. Year-end estimates continue
to show we will finish the year under budget. The work on replacement pilings is scheduled
to commence in December and will be paid out of the Marina’s Capital Reserve Fund.
Old Business:

An annual year-end letter from Gary Carpenter was sent to all slip owners
summarizing the year’s activity at the marina, reminding the owners of the annual dues
payment, and the new code for the gates and restrooms for next year.
New Business:
The board spent most of the meeting discussing and estimating the 2016 budget with
Dave Deganich, Treasurer. In reviewing, again, all expenditures in 2015, the payments for
cleaning the clubhouse and restrooms were questioned. It was decided we should bid this
work out in the spring. Mr. Deganich also mentioned many of the dues payments from slip
owners have already been received.
It was mentioned that the Dock Master’s wife, after a long illness, had passed away.
The board approved sending a flower arrangement to the funeral home.
No board meetings are scheduled until March, 2016.
Meeting was adjourned 8:30 PM