Attendees: Gary Carpenter, Gary Taylor, Randy Forster, Dave Deganish, Chuch Scharp
Meeting was called to order at 7 PM.
Minutes of Previous Meeting were read and approved.
Financial Report showed that all dues from slip owners for 2016 have been collected.
The financials show we currently have $92,435 in our checking account and another
$409,104 in other long term investments. However, there was lengthy discussion on
the monies that are and will be needed in the future for repairs to the marina. We
have replaced float boxes and now are beginning pole replacements. Additionally,
there are normal yearly repairs we are obligated to fix as well as a courtesy dock by
the ramp and dredging, both large expenditures, we are planning for.

Old Business
Annual Meeting is planned to Saturday May 14, 2016. We plan to discuss:
Election Results for Gary Carpenter and Randy Forster
New Poles are currently being installed – there was discussion about the quality of
the poles being used – board was to arrange a meeting with contractor to discuss.
Courtesy Dock build-out plan is still on hold awaiting approval of plans
Dock Repairs were discussed as several boards need to be replaced
New Business
Dredging is currently being evaluated and bids are being gotten.
Dock Replacement Options are in early stages of discussions.
Marina Rules Reminder (stickers)
Update O & M Plan to DNREC – this is a priority and Gary Carpenter is reviewing our
old plan and revising as needed, and will submit on time
Next Meeting: Tuesday, 7:00 PM 06/14/16