Attendees: Gary Carpenter, Gary Taylor, Randy Forster, Dave Deganich – Absent:
Chuck Sharp
Meeting called to Order at 7PM and Minutes of Previous Meeting Read and approved.
Financial report showed all monies from HOA dues are received – we currently
have $69,653 in our checking account and another $384,421 in long term reserves.
The treasurer reported that many bills for the summer boating season are starting to
Old Business
Annual Meeting Wrap up – meeting was a success although attendance by slip
owners was sparse. Most of the meeting was focused on financials, and marina
repairs. A comment from the floor suggested that we may need a HOA dues increase
or a special assessment sometime in the near future. Also, it was noted that a Long
Term Repair Plan might be needed and published by the board.
The board noted that next year’s meeting should adhere more strictly to our agenda
as this year’s meeting got off point occasionally.
It was also noted that the paperwork for by-laws change concerning Right of First
Refusal were complete and only needed to be signed and notarized to become
official. That will happen this week.
New Poles – No new work has been started yet. Still waiting for caps for poles that
were replaced, contractor has been notified.

Courtesy Dock and Dredging – paperwork is complete and submitted to the State –
should have approval in next 60 – 90 days.

Dock Repairs – pedestals have been replaced, and small deck repairs and structural
issues completed. Board will discuss and agree on the priority order of repairs and
discuss with the contractor.

Dock Replacement Options – discussions have begun on this major and long range
New Business
Marina Replacement Committee Formation was discussed. Hope to get several slip
owners involved that have special skills and knowledge to augment those of the
board to work on this very serious issue.
Creation of Marina Store and other possible revenue sources was vetoed by the
board as our by-laws state we are a non-profit entity.
O.S.T.D. – plans are under way but specifics as it relates to boat owners won’t be
known until a few weeks before the event. Several notices will be sent to boat owners
re: their participation during July & August.

The board also has also agreed to change the cleaning company for the upcoming
season for the marina and adjacent bathrooms.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 7:00 PM 07/12 /16