Attendees: Gary Carpenter, Gary Taylor, Randy Forster, Dave Deganich, Chuck Scharp
Minutes of Previous Meeting – 06/14/2016 – Minutes read and approved.
Financial report revealed that we currently have $64,363 in our checking account
with another $384,235 in our Long Term Reserves.
Old Business
Right of First Refusal for purchase of slips is completed, notarized and filed.

New Poles (25) have been completed, capped and straighten by our contractor as he
Courtesy Dock and Dredging paperwork has been filed with DREC and we are still
waiting approval. Dock Repairs List has created and prioritized by the board. This list
will be reviewed with our contractor. Key items are: Fixing Fire Pole Brackets, work on
G15 main dock seam, and repairing all holes on dock and piers, to name a few.
Dock Replacement Options are being investigated by the board. But this is a ‘down
the road’ event. Currently, we believe with timely and complete repairs, we can
manage the current docks for another several years.
Annual Assessment Increase continues to be debated and discussed by the board.
Currently, we believe a slight increase will be warranted in 2017 to ensure monies will
be available for the current repairs and improvements that will be needed next year
and beyond. Also, the concept of a ‘sliding scale’ of HOA dues proportionate to the
size of the slip has been presented. The board is deliberating on this concept.
Asset Valuation Depreciation Schedule work has begun led by VP Gary Taylor and Slip
Owner Dave Degilido, who has experience from and with the Army Corps of Engineers
Operation Seas the Day (OSTD) will again include the Bay Colony Marina and our
Captains. This is scheduled for the week after Labor Day with more information, boat
requirements, activates, etc. presented to us in August.
New Business
Parking Lot Sealing and Repair has been discussed by the board with estimates
received. The board feels resurfacing the parking lot at an expense of approximately
$35,000 is unwarranted at this time but the repairs @ $10,000 are still being

Next Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 08/8/16 at 7:00 PM