Attendees – Gary Carpenter, Gary Taylor, Randy Forster, Chuck Scharp, Dave Deganich
(via phone)
Minutes of Previous Meeting – 07/12/2016 – were read and approved
Board Election of Carpenter, Taylor, Forster, Scharp and Deganich were all approved
Financial report showed $45,495 in our checking account and just under $386,000 in
our Long Term reserves.
Old Business
Courtesy Dock permits have finally been secured and work should begin and be
completed in time for removal of boats this fall.
Dredging permits also have been secured and work should begin in the DecemberJanuary timeframe when the marina is mostly empty of boats.
Dock Repairs have been completed. Significant board replacement has been
accomplished for this season. We anticipate, with the age of the marina, this to be ongoing maintenance each and every year.
An Annual Assessment Increase has been debated by the board the past few meetings.
We have decided, due to the amount of maintenance needed to keep the marina in good
and safe condition, a small increase in HOA dues is warranted. The November letter from
our President to the slip owners will discuss a modest increase.
The Life Cycle Study for the marina has been started by Gary Taylor, Vice President,
and with our small HOA increase, financial projections look solid.
O.S.T.D is scheduled for Labor Day Week. The Bay Colony Navy is ready to serve.
Final sign ups by the Warrior families are just coming in now. The navy is ready to serve
again with boat rides, tubing, fishing etc. We hope for good weather!
Parking Lot Sealing and Repair was delayed till spring. We believe we can get cracks
filled and weeds killed then at a reasonable cost.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, 7:00 PM 09/13/16