Attendees – Gary Carpenter, Gary Taylor, Chuck Scharp, Dave Deganich
Minutes of Previous Meeting – 08/25/2016 – were read and approved
Financial report showed $45,495 in our checking account and just under $386,000 in our
Long Term reserves.
Old Business
Courtesy Dock work is anticipated to begin and be completed in time for removal of boats
this Fall.
Dredging is being planned for December – January your board is working with our Marine
Consultant to secure approval for placing spoil material in the Bay as opposed to land
disposal. This would provide a significant savings for this project.
Dock Repairs are ongoing on H dock and stand pipe brackets are being installed. Float boxes
have been replaced under D dock. Significant board replacement has been accomplished for
this season. We anticipate, with the age of the marina, this to be on-going maintenance each
and every year.
O.S.T.D was a major success. The Bay Colony Navy did an outstanding job. Thanks to all
who volunteered. You made this a special time in the lives of these worthy Veterans.

New Business
The broken lock at the main gate has been replaced. It has been decided to continue using
current lock code 3124 for the 2017 season.
Marina Fire extinguishers will be serviced and replaced if needed this month.
The broken dock pole on C dock was replaced with a wooden pole.
Your board will now meet at 3pm instead of 7pm.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 3:00 PM 10/04/16