1. Approval of Minutes of Previous Monthly Board Meeting – September 23, 2019
2. Financial Review
a. Budget update – 2020 Budget approved, a copy of which will be mailed to all slip
3. Previous Business
a. Received new pedestal light bulbs and light sensors
b. Received Red/Green buoy lights (night sensor, solar powered). To be installed next
c. Repaired Boathouse Alarm System
d. Ongoing – Panel Box overhead roof installation (Gate 1 and 2), ongoing
e. Ongoing – Updating Marina website, in process
f. Ongoing – Repair Marina front sign light, cupola light, and underground lights. Having
difficulty finding an electrical contractor to repair
g. Ongoing – Update Board of Directors for 2019/20 Season
h. 2020 Dockmaster Work Plan- Delmarva Temporary Staffing, Inc.
(i) Duty Description and Hours and Salary
(ii) Farewell plan for Bob; Friday Luncheon, Nov 8 (include Past Presidents)
4. New Business
a. Dock renovation plan – Acryfin Coating, Estimate received, tabled for further discussion
b. Parking lot lights-The board discussed concerns about the new LED bulbs being too
bright. No action taken at this time.
c. Marina Monthly Maintenance Actions
(i) Winterization plan.
1. Water shut-off; Docks and Marina House (Nov 1)
2. Boathouse – Mid November
3. Buoys – To be removed mid November
d. Annual Letter, Budget, Elections (2 x Board Members) – To be mailed by December 1
e. Stop Cleaning and Landscaping – Completed
f. Pedestal numbering and lettering – Spring
g. Marina Long-term Actions.
(i) Parking Lot Flood Repair – USACE and DNREC permitting and work plan (Rowe
Property Management Company)
(ii) Replacement Dock Proposals – To be done
(iii) Capital Improvement Loan Information
5. Next Monthly Board Meeting: Tuesday, November 26, 10:00AM