Board of Directors Meeting, July 28, 2020, 10:00AM

Approval of Minutes from previous Monthly Board Meeting, June 30, 2020.


Financial Review

  • Budget update – Approved
  • Slip transaction update


Previous Business

  • Dockmaster Tom to perform the following:
    • Review boats in slip vs. on file
    • Slip Owner and Renter documentation
  1. Slip Owners
    1. Slip Owner Information Sheet
    2. $300K Insurance Policy
    3. Boat Registration Card
  2. Slip Renters
    1. Lease Agreement
    2. Marina Rules and Regulations
    3. Slip Renter Information Sheet
    4. $300K Insurance Policy
    5. Boat Registration Card
  • Dock Box Order – The board has purchased 7 dock boxes. All boxes have been sold to slip owners or renters.


Maintenance work

  • Completed
    • Repair of a homeowner’s fence adjacent to Marina parking lot was completed
    • Pedestal plumbing repairs were performed at the end of C, E, and H docks (multiple times)
    • Installed new cleats (C and H)
  • Re-secured rub rail on C and H docks
  • Ongoing
    • Panel Box overhead roof installation (Gate 1 and 2)
    • Replacing pedestal bulbs/sensors
    • Replacing parking lot light bulbs
  • New
    • Re-order of paper products for Marina Office and Restrooms
    • Repairs at Slips H-35/36 due to heavy winds
    • Repair finger pier and rub rail at Slip H-4
    • Replace 3” Pedestal decal letters/numbering where needed
    • Re-position two security cameras (parking lot area)
    • Boat Ramp and Curtesy Dock repairs and updates
  1. Repair boat ramp gate pole fastener screws
  2. Purchase and installation of boat ramp pile cap covers;14ea x $12 = $168 approved
  • Purchase and installation of permanent vertical bumper guard on curtesy dock poles; 25” approximately $119


New Business

  • Ocean City Air Show, Saturday and Sunday, August 15-16, 2020
  • Submit 2020 revised Marina O&M Plan to DNREC w/$300 check (even numbered years)
    • 2018 plan was submitted, but never reviewed or approved by DNREC, but check cashed.
  • Drafting new Annual Meeting slides for website and Constant Contact email
  • Continue to monitor COVID-19 for Marina operations
  • Dock Replacement Plan updates
  • Newly elected Board Members coming on-board in August; Board elects Officer positions for 2021 year


Future Business

  • Full Dock Replacement Contractor Proposals
  • Capital Improvement Loan Information


Next Monthly Board Meeting: Tuesday, August 25, 2020, 10:00AM (Marina Office)