Board of Directors Meeting, June 30, 2020, 10:00AM

Approval of Minutes from previous Monthly Board Meeting (Virtual), May 26, 2020.


Financial Review

  • Budget update approved
  • Update on Slip transactions (H dock and C dock)


Previous Business

  • Marina website – new edition up and running
    • Interactive map for Slip for Sale and Rent
    • Put out Constant Contact email regarding new website
  • Dockmaster – continuing updates of office files, data base, display board
    • Reviewing boats in slip vs. on file
    • Meeting Slip Owners and Renters
  • Purchased the Constant Contact program to allow easier email sending to slip owners


Maintenance work

  • Completed
    • Repair of F dock finger pier
    • Plumbing repair end of H dock
    • New signs installed at boat ramp area (security sign and ramp ends sign)
    • Installed new dock boxes and cleats
  • Ongoing
    • Panel Box overhead roof installation ongoing (Gate 1 and 2)
    • Weed control on docks and parking lot
    • Replacing parking lot light bulbs
    • Replacing pedestal bulbs/sensors – a walk through of the docks to be scheduled
    • Secure rub rail; purchase small pieces of new rub rail
  • New
    • Repair dock support at intersection of G and H dock (on-hold)
    • New Pedestal 3” stencil renumbering; order and replace  (American Plastic Company, Rahway, NJ, 732-388-1601
    • Re-position security camera (parking lot area)


New Business

  • July 4th weekend activities
    • Constant contact email to Slip Owners/Renters
    • Dockmaster Tom working Fri/Sat/Sun
  • Drafting new Annual Meeting slides for website and Constant Contact email
  • Submit revised/updated O&M Plan to DNREC (June 1) w/$300 check (even numbered years)
  • COVID-19 monitoring
  • Dock Replacement Plan updates – Contacting multiple firms
  • Newly elected Board Members coming on-board in August; Board elects Officer positions for 2021 year
  • Dock Boxes – 185 with boxes (74%), 65 without boxes (26%)

Boxes                         Price               Shipping                    Total               Slip Owner Price

7ea ($525)                 $3675             $795 ($113)              $4470             $638.57 ($650)

10ea ($500)              $5000             $1026 ($102)             $6026             $602.60 ($620)


Future Business

  • Full Dock Replacement Contractor Proposals
  • Capital Improvement Loan Information


Next Monthly Board Meeting: Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 10:00AM (Marina Office)