Bay Colony Marina

Monthly Board Meeting

August Board of Directors Meeting; August 15, 2023

(D. Degidio, K. Moore, P. Hekl, and D. Shapiro attending)

Approval and web posting of Minutes from July Monthly Board Meeting held on July 25, 2023.


Upfront Items for Decision or Information

  • Well pump replaced (Daisy Wells, Dagsboro Plumbing) – recommended to replace well tank during off-season
  • September – Operation Seas the Day; Wed, Thur, Fri mornings, September 6, 7, 8 (Dockmaster Tom work ½ day Wed and Thur; everyone’s assistance is welcomed)

2023 Board of Directors Election

  • Outgoing
    • Don Degidio, Slip B-28
  • Incoming
    • Don Degidio, Slip B-28
  • Elect new Director positions for 2024 boating year (Current Board positions)
    • President – Don Degidio
    • Vice President – Michael Langager
    • Secretary – David Shapiro
    • Treasurer – Keith Moore
    • At-Large – Peter Hekl
    • President Emeritus Bill Hoyle
  • Review Officer duties and responsibilities per the BCMSOA By-laws
  • Update Board of Directors Sheet with new Officers; Post in Marina and website. No changes needed.

Marina Financial Update

  • Review Marina Monthly Budget spreadsheet
  • Slip transactions update
  • Slips sold
    • New Slip Owner addresses
    • Welcome email sent to new Slip Owners (Mike)

Marina Maintenance Update

  • Completed Maintenance
  • Dock carpentry repairs – PJ Handyman, (Final Phase)
  • Install zinc anodes and place on docks to monitor throughout season
  • Repaired water leak Sunday on F-Dock
  • Repaired two holes on C-Dock and F-Dock (similar to repair on E-Dock)
  • Painted white stop line in Marina parking lot (Matt’s Paving Company)
  • New and Ongoing Maintenance
  • Repair Gate #2 – will not completely close
  • Cut down sapling trees around Marina basin (need new hedge trimmer)
  • Replace dock pedestal lights as needed and parking lot light bulbs; 2 x unsafe to change out because too close to rocks; one socket is broke (center)
  • Continue to fix broken rub rail in Marina
  • Replace Red and Green buoy chains
  • Obtain estimates for well tank replacement (Daisy Wells, Dagsboro Plumbing)

Marina Business Update

  • Previous Business
    • Updated Slip Owner board, files, and database with new information (Secretary update)
    • Updated Constant Contact list with Slip Owners and Slip Renters
  • Slips for Rent and Sale on Marina website
      • 5 x Slips for Rent (B-5, F-7, F-8, G-3, G-28)
      • 5 x Slips for Sale (A-6, B-5, C-24, F-42, G-32) (Website says 6). This was fixed by the time minutes were published.
  • New and Ongoing Business
    • Coordinate with DNREC to get on distribution list for annual fish and hunting magazine and fish ruler (delivered to Marina address)
    • Update Marina website
      • Labor Day weekend fireworks at Paradise Grill
    • Flounder Pounder tournament at Paradise Grill, August 16-20, 340 boats registered
    • Constant Contact emails to send out
      • OSTD Save the Date; boating on September 6-8, Wed – Fri
      • Paradise Grill fireworks
      • Paradise Grill Flounder Pounder
    • Annual Meeting recommendations
      • Bench(s) in Marina
      • Bike rack
      • Review initiative for Renter Fee $100 per Slip. Final decision not yet taken.
    • Operation Seas the Day
      • Wed, Thur, Fri mornings, September 6, 7, 8
      • Dockmaster Tom work ½ day Wed and Thur
      • Set-up
        • Banner at entrance to neighborhood and Marina
        • Flags
        • Signs
        • Clean garage and set-up tables
        • Computer for FIN numbers
        • Millville Fire and Rescue
    • Marina Dredge Plan and date; December 2023 – January 2024
      • Permitting process with DNREC and USACE
      • DNREC – 3 years; USACE – 10 years (USACE permit is good)
      • Previous Marina dredging conducted December 1-31, 2017, $100+K
      • Acquired new Permit Contractor (formerly used Dr. Evelyn Maurmeyer, Dredging, Coastal & Estuarine Research, Inc., at a cost around $3.5K)
      • Review scope of work
    • Set-up meeting in September with Engineering firm that studied Seagrass Plantation – invite Dredging Consultant also
    • Review Marina Monthly activity task list for August, September, October

Future Business

  • Conduct survey of Slip Owners on Marina replacement and assessment
  • Plan and host Delaware Boater Safety Course conducted by the USCG Auxiliary Indian River Station.  Cost is $20 per student.  Location is Mariner’s Church Hope Center.
  • Marina Replacement proposals; previous estimate August 2020 at $3.8M, and May 2023 at $4.35M
    • Review Capital Improvement loan information with Banks
  • Review State or Federal Grant for new Marina. Grant availability, seek out DNREC and State Rep Ron Gray, and obtain a Grant writer


Next Monthly Board meetings;

  1. September OSTD, September 6-8 (everyone’s assistance welcomed)
  2. September Board Meeting, September 26, Tuesday, 9:00AM
  3. October Board Meeting, October 24, 2023, Tuesday, 9:00AM