August Board of Directors Meeting, August 31, 2021, 9:00AM

Approval and web posting of Minutes from July Monthly Board Meeting held on

July 27, 2021.

2022 Board of Directors

Vote on Board of Director positions for the 2022 boating season

    • President – Don Degidio
    • Vice President – Bill Bickle
    • Secretary – Hank Larsen
    • Treasurer – Keith Moore
    • At-large – Michael Langager
    • President Emeritus – Bill Hoyle
  • Due outs;
    • Alarm system name change-out and codes
    • Security camera iPhone set-up
    • Board of Directors binder
    • Office key

Financial Review

  • Review the 2021 Marina Budget and Monthly spend plan
  • Review slip transactions for previous month
  • Process for new Slip Owners
  • $300 fee to the Association
  • New email/letter packet (Audit highlighted missing Slip Owner Data Sheets)
  • Constant Contact addition
  • Treasurer/Dockmaster database/file/office board update
  • Interview new Bank for 3rd Marina Capital Reserve account; spilt funds three-ways

Marina Maintenance work

  • Completed
    • Fixed Gate 1 door latch (spare spacer part located in desk drawer – retain for winter if needed)
    • Power-washed back stair case, porch, and handicap ramp
    • Replaced two damaged pile cap covers on G-dock
    • Replaced photocell on office building corner light (light may still be out)
    • Replaced Boat Ramp padlock with new combination lock; purchase another spare combo lock from Locksmith Ace and Fathers (Joe).
    • Cut down sapling trees around Marina property; completed by Brian Rowe Property Maintenance and Landscaping
  • New and Ongoing
    • Repair water to Docks; possibly the well transfer switch, which was replaced in 2020 (spare on-hand)(purchase additional back-up)
    • Replace Ladies Restroom door combination lock; ongoing issues with it throughout summer; Locksmith Ace and Fathers (Joe).
    • Repair electric to pedestal H-12; no power.
    • Replace all parking light globe light bulbs
    • Go to County Landfill with trash items in the garage area.
    • Cut down and replace wooden dock poles holding fire water hook-ups; ongoing.
    • Replace pedestal photocells; ongoing. Re-assess during evening hours (started with 29ea, marked with blue tape on pedestal)
    • Repair and fill dock holes with cement compound; ongoing.
    • Install Panel Box overhead roof assembly by Gate 1
    • Review issue with zinc tabs on pontoon boat on E-dock; Brian Robertson, Renter, E-19. Slip Owner is Ed Timmons.  Re-assess with Slip Renter.
    • Repair dock under-bracing between G and H dock and also H-dock; deferred maintenance.

Previous Business

  • Completed 100% audit of  Slip Owner folders
    • Slip Owner/Slip Renter Data Sheets (10% missing or outdated)
    • $300K Insurance policies (30% missing or overdue; ongoing and checked by Dockmaster using Excel database)
    • Boat Registration cards (20% missing or outdated)
    • Lease Agreement Packets (5-10% missing or outdated)
    • Updated Constant Contact list with new Slip Owners and Renter’s emails (continual); email comparison (Mediacom vs. Constant Contacts – Owners x 260, Renters x 90)
  • Updated Marina Website; refresh website
    • Slips for Rent and Sale
    • 2022 Events
    • Governing Documents with Declaration Amendments on website; ongoing


New Business

  • Meeting with DNREC Fish and Wildlife; TBD
  • DNREC completed on-site inspection for completion of 2020-22 Marina O&M Plan. Awaiting final approval and report from POC Julie Molina, Environment Scientist, DNREC Division of Water and Wetlands.
  • Review Marina Dredging Permitting process with DNREC
  • Inquire about Marina State grants
  • Assess new Marina database software to replaced antiquated Excel spreadsheet currently being used
    • Cost
    • Annual fee
    • Generated reports
  • Review Marina Monthly activity task list for September, October, November


Future Business

  • Review Marina Dredging Permitting process with DNREC and USACE
    • Previous Marina dredging conducted December 1-31, 2017, $100K
  • Review Marina Replacement proposals
  • Look at potential Capital Improvement Loan Information
  • Look at potential for Marina Grants

Next Monthly Board Meeting: Tuesday, September 28, 2021, 9:00 (Marina Office)