Minutes from September Board of Directors Meeting, September 28, 2021, 10:00AM


Approved and posted to the Marina website the Minutes from the August Monthly Board Meeting held on August 31, 2021.


2022 Board of Directors

  • Reviewed interim Board of Director position for the 2022 boating season
    • At-large position
  • Reviewed duties and responsibilities
  • Reviewed the projected Board elections in out-years
    • 2022 – we will have 2 ea. positions available
    • 2023 – we will have 1 ea. position available
    • 2024 – we will have 2 ea. positions available
  • Reviewed due outs with position changes;
    • Alarm system name change-out and codes
    • Security camera iPhone set-up
    • Board of Directors binder hand-off
    • Office key
    • Email account point of contact
    • Constant Contact listings


Financial Review

  • Reviewed the 2021 Marina Budget and Monthly spend plan – all on-track
  • Formulated the 2022 Marina Budget
  • Reviewed slip transactions from previous month
    • New email/letter packet  for new slip owners
  • Reviewed creating risk free account for Marina Capital funds with Edward Jones

Marina Maintenance Work

  • Reviewed Completed Work in Marina
  • Repaired water to Docks; well transfer switch
  • Replaced Ladies Restroom door combination lock
  • Repaired electric to pedestal H-12; no power.
  • Replaced all parking lot light globe light bulbs; one that is out requires electrician
  • New and Ongoing

Reviewed the Marina fire extinguisher inspection; set-up for October. Marina Docks and Office Bldg.

  • Set up date to go to County Landfill with trash items in the garage area.
  • Reviewed the Dock winterization Plan; November 8-12 timeframe weather dependent.
  • Cut down and replaced wooden dock poles holding fire-water hook-ups; ongoing.
  • Replaced Dock pedestal photocells; ongoing.
  • Repaired and filled dock holes with cement compound; ongoing.
  • Deferred; Repair dock under-bracing between G and H dock and H-dock.

Previous Business

  • Appointed 2022 Marina Board of Directors per Annual vote in May.
  • Completed 100% audit of  Slip Owner folders and database
  1. Slip Owner/Slip Renter Information Sheets
  2. $300K Insurance policies
  3. Boat Registration cards
  4. Lease Agreement Packets
  • Updated Constant Contact list with new Slip Owners and Renter’s emails
  • Updated Marina Website; refresh website
    • Slips for Rent and Sale
    • 2022 Events
    • Governing Documents with Declaration Amendments on website; ongoing


New Business

  • Review 2021 Marina close-out
    • Winterization Plan
    • 2022 Budget
    • Annual assessment mailings w/annual letter and draft budget
  • Assessed new Marina database software to replaced existing Excel database
    • Cost
    • Annual fee
    • Generated reports
  • Reviewed Marina Monthly activity task list for October, November, December
  • Constant Contact emails to send;
    • Water shut-off
    • 2022 Slip Owner reminders; assessment, lease, etc.

Future Business

  • Review Marina Dredging Permitting process with DNREC and USACE
    • Previous Marina dredging conducted December 1-31, 2017, $100K
  • Review Marina Replacement proposals
  • Review potential Capital Improvement Loan Information
  • Review potential plan for State/Federal Marina Grants