Bay Colony Marina

Monthly Board Meeting

February Board of Directors Meeting; February 22, 2023

(D. Degidio, M. Langager, K. Moore, P. Hekl, & D. Shapiro attending)

Approval and web posting of Minutes from January Monthly Board Meeting held on January 31, 2023.


Board of Directors Position Update

  • Projected Board elections by year
    • 2023 – 1ea position available; info goes out in Annual Letter
    • 2024 – 2ea positions available

Marina Financial Update

  • Review Annual Assessments paid and unpaid for 2023
  • Review Marina Monthly Budget spreadsheet and 2023 Budget
  • Slip transactions update
    • Slips sold
    • New Slip Owner addresses
    • Welcome email sent to new Slip Owners (Mike)

Marina Maintenance Update

  • Completed Maintenance
    • Replaced all parking lot light bulbs; 2 x unsafe to change out because too close to rocks; one socket is broke (center)
  • Replaced pedestal light bulbs
  • Fixed broken rub rail in Marina (on-going)
  • Replace boathouse light bulbs – recheck porch lights
  • Marina winterization completed
    • Office and restrooms closed
    • Water shut-off to docks
    • Channel buoys exchanged
    • Closed out Dockmaster, Cleaning Services, and Lawn Services
  • New and Ongoing Maintenance
  • Conduct Electrical check of Pedestals and repair (electrical survey completed) (Electrician – Nick O’Lone)
  • Repair Dock triangles, D-dock under-bracing, and one G-Dock float – PJ Handyman (Final Phase)
  • Office Renovation to begin later this year
    • Vacuum air vents and replace air filters
    • Move Dockmaster desk to window area for better marina/ramp view
    • Paint office ($500-$600)(includes moving furniture)
  • Repair cracked Marina well casing – Plumber Jerry
  • Fix Women’s rest room toilet (Parts) – Plumber Jerry
  • Install bollards to protect well casing (Contractor PJ or Board)
  • Install new dock boxes in Spring and receive payment (Dockmaster John)
  • CANCELLED – Review parking lot light replacement proposal – replace entire system with Delaware Electric-COOP lights
  • Replace dock pedestal photocells that are burnt-out (find out how to do this with Chuck)
  • Inspect and replace needed life-rings in Marina (Taylor made Life-rings)
  • Order new dock signs for faded signs at Gate entrances
  • Paint last parking lot light pole bottom black (Spring)
  • Re-install Marina boat ramp sign that blew over during storm (Spring)
  • Paint 2 x yellow speed bumps (Spring)
  • Power wash parts of Boathouse (Spring)
  • Refurbish red and green Summer buoys and replace (Spring) – buy new batteries
  • Dump run including Dock box cardboard in Feb or March. Use Delaware Solid Waste Authority – Frankford, 33086 Burton Farm Rd, Frankford, DE; Delaware Solid Waste Authority, Bridgeville
  • Additional Maintenance items?


Marina Business Update

  • Previous Business
    • Installed Key lock system for emergency access to Office
    • Transferred Slips for Rent and Sale responsibilities to Secretary
  • Ongoing; Slips for Rent and Sale on Marina website
      • 5 x Slips for Rent (B-18 $4.5K; E-2 $4.2K; E-4 $5K; F-42 $3.9K; G-23 $4.75K)
      • 9 x Slips currently for Sale (A-6 $60K; C-24 $57K; E-15 $67.5; F-36 $52K; F-42 $53.5; G-3 $59.9K; G-32 $55K; H-15 $49K, H-17 $53.5K )
    • Renewed and signed 3 x year contract with Mediacom for internet and phone service. Monthly cost reduced. $1800 savings over 3 years.
    • Revised Marina Excel spreadsheet for Dockmaster database activities
  • New and Ongoing Business
    • Discussed potential electrolysis in marina and steps to monitor. Based on investigation, does not appear to be an issue currently but discussed placing anodes around marina to monitor.
    • Plan and host Delaware Boater Safety Course conducted by the USCG Auxiliary Indian River Station.  Cost is $20 per student.  Location is Mariner’s Church Hope Center.  Determine date.
    • Order new Dockmaster Bay Colony Marina sweatshirt, polo shirt, and t-shirts.
    • Update 2023 Activities on Marina Website.  Other website updates?
    • Move Office furniture for Dockmaster view to Marina – note cameras
    • Schedule insurance update for upcoming Board meeting on 2023 Marina insurance coverage and binder; Pratt Insurance – Kevin Malloy
    • Review Marina Dredge Plan and date; December 2023 – January 2024
      • Permitting process with DNREC and USACE
      • DNREC – 3 years; USACE – 10 years
      • Previous Marina dredging conducted December 1-31, 2017, $100+K
      • Acquire Permit Contractor Dr. Evelyn Maurmeyer, Dredging, Coastal & Estuarine Research, Inc.
      • Review scope of work with Evelyn
    • Constant Contact emails to send out
      • Done – Ocean City Boat Show
      • Election and Annual Meeting
      • Marina opening information
    • Review Marina Monthly activity task list for March, April, and May

Future Business

  • Review initiative for Renter Fee – $50 – $100 per Slip – for 2023 Slip Owners Meeting and Vote
  • Conduct survey of Slip Owners on Marina replacement and one-time assessment
  • Review conducting Marina Reserve Study; approximate cost $3.5K
  • Review hosting meeting with Engineering firm that studied Seagrass Plantation
  • Review Marina Replacement proposals; previous estimate August 2020 at $3.8M
    • Conduct new Marina replacement estimate for 2023
    • Establish a separate Marina Replacement Financial Committee from Marina Slip Owners; include Marina investment review
    • Review Capital Improvement loan information with Banks
  • Review State or Federal Grant for new Marina. Grant availability, seek out DNREC and State Rep Ron Gray, and obtain a Grant writer


Next Monthly Board meeting;

  1. March 21, Tuesday, 9:00AM (include Marina insurance update)
  2. April 25, Tuesday, 9:00AM
  3. Annual Meeting, May 13, Saturday, 10:00AM