Bay Colony Marina

Monthly Board Meeting

May Board of Directors Meeting; June 27, 2023

(D. Degidio, K. Moore, M. Langager, P. Hekl, & D. Shapiro attending)

Approval and web posting of Minutes from May Monthly Board Meeting held on May 26, 2023.



Marina Financial Update

  • Review Marina Monthly Budget spreadsheet
  • Slip transactions update
    • Slips sold
    • New Slip Owner addresses
    • Welcome email sent to new Slip Owners (Mike)

Marina Maintenance Update

Completed Maintenance

  • Repaired and on-going dock triangles, Dock under-bracing, and one G-Dock float – PJ Handyman, (Final Phase), discussed remaining payments and work to be completed.
  • Purchased and will install zinc anodes and place on docks to monitor throughout the season
  • Installed and stained bollards to protect well casing
  • Installed new signage in Marina
  • Refurbished and put out Red and Green channel buoys
  • Removed trees/shrubs around electrical boxes per Delaware Electric COOP; Brian Rowe Landscaping
  • Hung pictures and chart maps in Marina office
  • Fixed Gate #2
  • New and Ongoing Maintenance
    • Replace parking lot light bulbs; 2 x unsafe to change out because too close to rocks; one socket is broke (center)
  • Replace pedestal light bulbs – all those out marked with blue tape, new bulbs received, check this July 4th weekend (Dockmaster)
  • Fix broken rub rail in Marina (Dockmaster, on-going)
  • Replace dock pedestal photocells that are burnt-out (Dockmaster Tom will coordinate with Chuck)
  • Re-paint white stop line before July 4th weekend
  • Replace Red and Green channel corroded buoy chains
  • Move Red channel buoy closer to Green buoy
  • Cut down sapling trees around Marina

Marina Business Update

  • Previous Business
    • Updated Slip Owner board, files, and database with new information – sending out requirement reminders to Slip Owners and Renters on missing and required documents (info sheet, insurance, registration, insurance)
  • Slips for Rent and Sale on Marina website
      • 4 to 6 x Slips for Rent
      • 8 x Slips for Sale
  • New and Ongoing Business
    • Inquiring with DNREC on Homeland Security Boat Registration – we have a few with that type of registration, and no State registration
    • Inquiring with DNREC to get on distribution list for annual fish and hunting magazine and fish ruler
    • Update Marina website
      • Under “Boat Slips” tab, update write-up at end referring to annual assessments from $800 to $1,000 (done)
      • Under “Activities” tab, update activities and new dates for 2023 activities (done)
      • Post new 2023 Annual Meeting slides; multiple places (almost done, missing one link, Shapiro will consult with Ms. Fox)
    • Ongoing – plan and host Delaware Boater Safety Course conducted by the USCG Auxiliary Indian River Station.  Cost is $20 per student.  Location is Mariner’s Church Hope Center.
    • Review Marina Dredge Plan and date; December 2023 – January 2024
      • Permitting process with DNREC and USACE
      • DNREC – 3 years; USACE – 10 years (USACE permit is good)
      • Previous Marina dredging conducted December 1-31, 2017, $100+K
      • Acquire new Permit Contractor (formerly used Dr. Evelyn Maurmeyer, Dredging, Coastal & Estuarine Research, Inc., at a cost around $3.5K)
      • Review scope of work
    • Constant Contact emails to send out
      • Election and Annual Meeting slides
      • Dock Box purchase for 2023
      • July 4th weekend
    • Review Marina Monthly activity task list for July, August, September

Future Business

  • Conduct survey of Slip Owners on Marina replacement and assessment
  • Review initiative for Renter Fee $100 per Slip – from 2022 and 2023 Annual Slip Owners Meeting
  • Review conducting Marina Reserve Study; approximate cost $3.5K
  • Review hosting meeting with Engineering firm that studied Seagrass Plantation
  • Review Marina Replacement proposals; previous estimate August 2020 at $3.8M, and May 2023 at $4.35M
    • Establish a separate Marina Replacement Financial Committee from Marina Slip Owners; include Marina investment review
    • Review Capital Improvement loan information with Banks
  • Review State or Federal Grant for new Marina. Grant availability, seek out DNREC and State Rep Ron Gray, and obtain a Grant writer


Next Monthly Board meetings;

  1. July Board meeting, July 25, Tuesday, 9:00AM
  2. August Board Meeting, August 29, Tuesday, 9:00AM (elect new Board member positions)