Board members present: Brian Emery, Keith Moore, Gary Carpenter and Gary
Taylor. Rafael Perez was absent.
Minutes of the previous Board meeting on December 16, 2014 have been
posted on the marina web site (
Meeting was called to order by President Emery at 7:00 PM.
Financial Report
1. Summary of Account Balances: As of 3/14/15 – Checking – $80,488.77; Capital
Reserve as of 11/31/14 – $376,732.05 – for a grand total of assets currently
available = $457,220.82.
2. Expenses for the months of Jan and Feb totaled were $3,936.53.
3. Keith Moore submitted the listing of the 2015 paid assessments list and all
but one have been paid.
1. Our contractor will be surveying the docks for needed float box replacements
and continuing the repair of the decking.
2. Pedestal lights on the docks will be reviewed and lights needing replacement
will be fixed.
3. Contractor will be surveying the deteriorated pilings and submit a repair
estimate to the board.
4. Board will be getting the additional plumbing repairs and de-wintering done
around the middle of April.
Old Business:
1. Sluice update: Brian reported that there has been no additional
information from the state concerning the sluice repair. The contractor
involved in this effort has been slow in providing his costs for the
recommended fixes and the group studying this problem cannot proceed
further without those estimates. Upon receipt of those figures the state and
our representatives in state government will supposedly inform us of the
degree to which they will participate in the repairs. The board has decided
to ask our state representatives to meet with us as soon as those estimates
are known. Our state representatives will again be contacted to find
answers to this problem affecting the two communities.
2. A survey was received with the question: Do you want a courtesy dock built
to ease the launching and retrieval of boats at the marina. The results of the
survey were 157 or 77% agree, 45 or 22% do not agree and 1 not sure. It
seems the overwhelming response is yes to the courtesy dock. The board
will continue to seek the best value for having this project done in the near
3. It was agreed by the board that a reserve study was not necessary for the
marina since the asset list is small and manageable.
4. Brian Emery has again agreed to chair the Operation Seas the Day 2015 for
the Wounded Warriors project to be held September 9th to the 11th this year.
New Business:
1. Dredging will be discussed if the sluice project does not go forward. This
was to become part of the project but if the state does not fund the
project the marina will have to dredge the entrance again. Because of the
length of time needed to get permits the dredging project may not
happen until the winter of 2016.
2. It was decided that the annual meeting will be held on May 2, 2015 at 10
3. The annual mailing for the May 2nd meeting will be done on Thursday
March 26th
4. All personnel from last year will be returning again this year. They include
the Dock Master, Housekeeper, Grounds Maintenance and Dock Repair
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 P.M.
Next Board Meeting is scheduled for: 4/21/15 @ 7 PM.