Board members present: Brian Emery, Keith Moore, Gary Carpenter and
Gary Taylor. Rafael Perez was absent.
Meeting was called to order by President Emery at 6:35 PM.
Kevin Malloy of Pratt Insurance, Inc. reviewed last year’s insurance policies
with the board and what he recommended for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. It
was decided that no additional coverages were needed.
Minutes of the previous Board meeting on March 24, 2015 have been posted
on the marina web site (
Financial Report
1. Summary of Account Balances: As of 4/21/15 – Checking – $79,729.70;
Capital Reserve as of 4/19/15 – $377,346.97 – for a grand total of assets
currently available = $457,076.67.
2. Expenses for the months of March totaled were $1,254.50.
3. Keith Moore submitted the listing of the 2015 paid assessments list and all
but one have been paid.
1. Our contractor has surveyed the docks for needed float box replacements
and is continuing the repair of the decking. This should be the last year for
major decking repairs although some maintenance will always be required.
2. De-winterization of marina and operations building has been
completed. Minor repairs to the toilet in the ladies room were performed
and it is now operational.
3. Contractor will continue surveying the deteriorated pilings and submit a
repair estimate to the board.
4. Plumbing contractor still has some minor pipe repairs that will be done
5. Any requirement for dredging will be reviewed after we get the results
from the state on the sluice project since dredging may be part of the overall
project. We are still waiting for answers from the state on the sluice project.
6. The defibulator (AED) located at the entrance to the marina building
needed new batteries and they have been ordered.
Old Business:
• Sluice update: Brian reported that there has been no
additional information from the state concerning the sluice
repair. Our last contact with DNREC in March resulted in us being
informed that DNREC was in touch with our local state Senator and
Representative and that funding options were being discussed.
• We are currently waiting to hear from our contractor as to the cost
estimate to construct the new courtesy dock at the launch ramp.
• The upcoming 2015 Annual meeting scheduled for May 2, 2015 at
10:00 am was discussed with the members of the board and job
assignments were given by the President.
New Business:
Dock Master starts April 25th. All other service people will be working as
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 P.M.
Next Board Meeting is scheduled for: 5/19/15 @ 7 PM.