Bay Colony Marina Monthly Board Meeting

April Board of Directors Meeting; May 1, 2024 (moved one day from April 30)

(attending: B. Hoyle, M. Langager, K. Moore, D. Degidio, P. Hekl, D. Shapiro

Approval and web posting of Minutes from the February/March Monthly Board Meeting held on March 5, 2024.


Upfront Items for Decision or Information

  • Find and submit new barrow pit for dredge permit
  • Bay Colony Community Lot L22 Tree Agreement Letter, dtd October 17, 2020
  • Consider date for new 2024 Bathymetric Survey #2 of select Marina basin area with Rob Plitko – $1,900. Bathymetric Survey #1 completed on June 1, 2022, $2,500
  • Restroom cleaning contract in place – consider price increase for 2024 (Clara)

Marina Financial Update

  • Review 2024 Annual Assessments and action plan – two (2) outstanding
  • Review Marina Monthly Budget spreadsheet
  • Slip transactions update
  • Slips sold
    • New Slip Owner addresses
    • Welcome email sent to new Slip Owners (Mike)
    • Add email to Constant Contact (Don)

Marina Maintenance Update

  • Completed Maintenance
  • Installed two (2) zinc anodes zinc on docks to monitor throughout 2024 season – check again in May
  • Marina well tank replacement completed – Daisey Well Drilling, Inc. $3,495 plus $750 vac-truck (+/-) to suck the water out of the tank and mud out of the hole.
  • Marina Ramp lock replaced – same combination. Placed spare in office desk drawer.
  • Refurbished Green and Red Summer buoys and replaced chains and repaired worn buoy eye-lets
  • Temporary fix of pump and parking lot lights breaker in main breaker box
  • installed steel plate to the area by A Dock and Main Gate for bracing
  • New and Ongoing Maintenance
  • Replace Parking Lot light bulbs for 2024 season – use 2023 inspection list
  • Fix Security camera #2 on corner of porch – not working
  • Dockmaster fixing rub-rails, pedestal lights, and dock repairs
  • Review minor list of carpentry dock repairs for PJ
  • Create wood template for Pedestal base repair – determine how many Pedestals require new base wooden template
  • Paint concrete barriers gray color
  • Paint speed bumps yellow color
  • Trim Marina basin grass
  • Power wash Marina office building and deck

Marina Business Update

  • Previous Business
    • Continue update of Constant Contact list with new Slip Owners and 2024 Slip Renters
  • Review Slips for Rent and Sale on Marina website
      • 4 x Slips for Rent (A-08 $5K, F-41 $4.5K, G-12 $4K, H-19 $3.5K)
      • 4 x Slips for Sale (C-24 $54K, F-08 $60K, H-31 $55K, H-34 $59.5K)
  • New and Ongoing Business
    • Constant Contact emails to send out
      • Annual meeting reminder
      • Others?
    • Marina Insurance Policy Renewal and Director and Officer Policy Renewal completed June 1 for one-year, 2024-25
    • Marina Dredge Plan Update
      • Acquired new Dredge Permit Contractor, Verdantas; David Small
      • Conducted a Kick-off meeting between Verdantas and BCMSOA Board of Directors on Tuesday, January 30, 11;00AM
      • Permitting process for DNREC ongoing; USACE complete – declined the modification to increase dredge area
      • FYI on permitting terms; DNREC – 5 years; USACE – 10 years
      • Previous Marina dredging conducted December 1-31, 2017, $100+K
      • Conduct 2024 bathymetric study on just the dredge area
      • Clarke Droney available 2025 and 2026
      • Review dredging date – complete in 2025 or wait one-year until 2026?
    • Annual Meeting on May 11, 2024, Saturday
      • 2023 Annual Meeting Recap, May 13, 10:00AM
        • Bench(s) in Marina – no
        • Bike rack – no
        • Review initiative for Renter Fee of $100 per Slip assessed to Slip Owner – yes, but decide how to execute
        • Review initiative to raise the slip transfer fee to ½ of the annual assessment – yes
  • 2024 Annual Meeting; Saturday, May 11, 10:00AM
    • Update slides – fewer briefing slides and the remainder in the back-up slides. Post entire packet on website.  PDF and send out link in Constant Contacts following meeting
    • Marina Board of Directors election; two open positions for 2025-2028
    • Order chairs and tables and clean and set-up garage
    • Send out Constant Contact reminder
    • Trim basin grass and power wash building porch
    • Rowe Property Maintenance cut grass and mulch on Friday
  • Review Marina Monthly activity task list for May, June, July

Future Business

  • Conduct survey of Slip Owners on Marina replacement and assessment
  • 2024 – Plan and host Delaware Boater Safety Course conducted by the USCG Auxiliary Indian River Station.  Slip Renter is Instructor.  Cost is $20 per student
  • Marina Replacement proposals; previous estimate August 2020 at $3.8M, and May 2023 at $4.35M (UPDATE)
    • Review Capital Improvement loan information with Banks prior to 2024 Annual Meeting in May


Next Monthly Board meetings;


  1. May – Tuesday, May 28, 4:00PM
  2. June – Tuesday, June 25, 9:00AM
  3. July – Tuesday, July 30, 9:00AM
  4. August – Tuesday, August 27, 9:00AM