Bay Colony Marina

Monthly Board Meeting

September Board of Directors Meeting; September 27, 2022

Approval and web posting of Minutes from August Monthly Board Meeting held on September 6, 2022.


2022 Board of Directors Update

  • Updated Board of Directors Sheet with new Officers; Posted in Marina and on website
  • Projected Board elections by year
    • 2022 – we had 2ea positions available
    • 2023 – we will have 1ea position available
    • 2024 – we will have 2ea positions available
  • Review Officer duties and responsibilities per the BCMSOA By-laws
    • Secretary – take over website, posting of Board minutes, and Slips for sale and rent (w/picture)
    • Vice President – email welcoming new slip owners and renters

Marina Financial Update

  • Review Marina Monthly Budget spreadsheet
  • Slip transactions update
    • Slips sold
    • New Slip Owner addresses
    • Welcome email sent to new Slip Owners (Mike)

Marina Maintenance Update

  • Completed Maintenance
    • Plumber repaired water leak on F-dock
    • Repaired Pedestal hose fittings on F-dock (multiple times)
    • Fixed broken rub rail throughout Marina
    • Tightened down loose Pedestals
    • Purchased Pedestal light bulbs (on-line company, not Eaton)
    • Completed Fire Inspection through Marina; Cintas, $2,109.89
  • 16 x fire extinguishers (4 x replaced)
  • Office emergency lighting (4 x locations)
    • Purchased additional Dock cleats, Pedestal electrical items, Dock box bolts and washers
  • New and Ongoing Maintenance
  • November – Marina winterization
    • Office and restrooms
    • Water on docks (plumber)
    • Channel buoy exchange – order and replace green light
  • Dock boxes
    • Install new Dock boxes once they arrive in October
  • Repair cracked Marina well casing – Plumber Jerry
  • Parking Lot Light Proposal
    • Replace entire system
    • Replace burnt out light bulbs
  • Replace pedestal light bulbs
  • Repair additional dock triangles that are bad and dock under-bracing between G and H dock – PJ Handyman (on-site visit and estimate completed – attached)
  • Dock Float assessment and repair/replace
    • John Merritt, Jr.; Merritt Marine Construction, Inc., – conduct assessment for floats that need replaced and cost
  • Replace Dock pedestal photocells that are burnt-out
    • Continue – paint last parking lot light pole bottom black (grass trimming and paint)
    • Touch-up white poles on signs in the Marina by boat ramp
    • Paint yellow 2 x yellow speed bumps
    • Cut down tree saplings along Marina bank


Marina Business Update

  • Previous Business
    • Placed order for new Dock Boxes – Beachcomber Fiberglass Technology, Inc. Stuart, FL (Julie Marshall) – ship October
      • 13ea new Dock Box; and 1ea Dock Box lid
    • Ongoing; Slips for Rent and Sale on Marina website
      • 7 x Slips currently for Sale (A-6 $60K; A-19 $60K; C-24 $57K; D-5 $72.5K; F-36 $57.5K; G-3 $59.9K; G-32 $55K ); 0 x Slip for Rent
    • Completed Operation Seas the Day Boating Event; set-up, manning, boats, weather
      • Wednesday, Sept 7, 11:00AM
      • Thursday, Sept 8, 8:30AM
      • Friday, Sept 9, 9:00AM
  • New Business
    • Schedule visit for October Board meeting on 2023 Marina insurance coverage and binder from Pratt Insurance – Kevin Malloy
    • Review Marina Dredge Plan and date; December 2023 – January 2024
      • Permitting process with DNREC and USACE
      • DNREC – 3 years; USACE – 10 years
      • Previous Marina dredging conducted December 1-31, 2017, $100K
      • Acquire Permit Contractor Dr. Evelyn Maurmeyer, Dredging, Coastal & Estuarine Research, Inc.
      • Call Evelyn back September to review Scope of Work
    • New Dockmaster Hiring
      • Coordinated with Delmarva Temporary Staffing Agency
        • 3 x Candidates
        • Guidance was to run opening through September
        • Conduct hiring Board early October
      • Review scope of work and hiring conditions; Fri, Sat, Sun
    • Conduct meeting with Seagrass Plantation on channel erosion
    • Conduct in November meeting to mail Annual Assessments and Letter to Slip Owners – mail by December 1st
    • Review initiative for Renter Fee – $200 per Slip – for 2023 Slip Owners Meeting and Vote
    • Review new Marina database software to replace existing Excel spreadsheet; action person and estimate
      • Cost
      • Annual fee
      • Reports
    • Review changing out Marina email with new email account (2023)
    • Review requirement for additional security cameras and new security system; review scope of work and estimate (Signature Alert Security Systems) (Don)
    • Review Marina Monthly activity task list for September, October, November

Future Business

  • Review conducting Marina Reserve Study
  • Review Marina Replacement proposals
  • Review State or Federal Grant for new Marina. Grant availability, seek out DNREC and State Rep Ron Gray, and obtain a Grant writer.
  • Review potential Capital Improvement Loan Information


Next Monthly Board meetings;

  1. October – TBD meeting on Dock repairs
  2. October – TBD meeting with Seagrass Plantation
  3. October – Tuesday, October 25, 9:00AM
  4. November – Tuesday, November 22, 9:00AM (include Marina Assessment and Annual Letter meeting)