Board members present – Gary Carpenter, Dave Deganich, Chuck Scharp, Hank Larsen
(Don Degidio is currently working in Puerto Rico restoring electrical after suffering through
the two hurricanes last summer)
Meeting was called to order at 7:00PM
Financial Report
Financial report was reviewed and approved.
Currently, we have $94,283 in our checking account for operating expenses and over $324,000 in
long term reserves. However, repair expenses will continue.
All annual assessments have been collected with no late payments.
Old Business
Dredging: Although started later than expected, the dredging of H dock has been completed and
on budget.
Pole Replacement: After delays due to weather and mechanical problems, work is currently under
way and completion is expected within the next few days.
Dock Surface Coatings: Still investigating different options on cleaning, sealing and extending the
life of the docks. Dock repairs will continue to be an ongoing process.
New Business
Annual Meeting: The annual meeting will take place on 5/19/2018 at 10:00AM. There will be two
open positions for the Marina Board.
Buoy Replacement: Presently there is one buoy missing at the marina entrance. This is a
constant problem due to ice and extreme high tides. Two replacement may have to be purchased.
John Boat Acquisition: The board is currently searching for a 14’ john boat to facilitate dock
maintenance and repairs. Any suggestions on where to acquire one would be greatly appreciated.
Seagrass Plantation Sluice Project: Our neighbors in the Seagrass Plantation community
presented to the board their plan for beach restoration in their community. Their plan is well laid
out. They have asked and been given permission from our board to place two pilings on our
property. Although there is no cost to us for their project, we expect the marsh area on the far side
of the marina to drain more easily and lessen the silt that spills over into our marina, thereby
lessening the need for frequent dredging.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, 7:00PM on 5/15/2018