Board members present – Gary Carpenter, Dave Deganich, Don Degidio, Chuck Scharp, Hank Larsen
Meeting was called to order at 6:00PM
Insurance Review
Kevin Malloy, President of Pratt Insurance, Gave the Board an overview of our coverages and the associated costs. We
discussed the possibility of purchasing flood insurance. Mr. Malloy will provide us a quote.

Financial Report
Financial report was reviewed and approved.
Currently, we have $41,429 in our checking account for operating expenses and over $388,000 in long termreserves. However,
repair expenses will continue.
Proposed budget for FY2018 will be submitted for review at the next Board meeting.

Old Business
Pole replacement continues with 47 remaining. Scheduled completion of the pole replacements will be within the next 2 to
3 months.
Trees on the south side of the marina from the boat ramp to the main parking lot were removed as scheduled.
Fire extinguishers were inspected, and it was found that 12 extinguishers will have to be replaced at a cost of $40.00 each. This
was approved.
A new dock cart will be purchased in the spring.
Dredging will begin on December 1 for Dock H. It is expected to take 3-4 weeks to complete.
Gary Carpenter and Don Degidio met with the president and vice president of the Bay Colony Homeowners Association to discuss
items of mutual concern.
New Business
A motion was made to send a link of the Board minutes to all slipowners to make access and review easier. This motion was
Hank Larsen and Don Degidio met with Eric Reed an intern from the Delaware Parks and Recreation to walk the protected
marshland and see if there were any violations there. Happy to report all was found to be in good condition.
The annual mailing of the HOA fees will be done in late November.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, 10:00AM on 11/28/17