Board members present – Gary Carpenter, Dave Deganich, Don Degidio, Chuck Scharp,
Hank Larsen
Meeting was called to order at 7:00PM
Financial Report
Currently, we have $52, 741 in our checking account for operating expenses and over $387,000 in
long term reserves. However, we anticipate numerous repair expenses to continue this season.
Old Business
Pole replacement continues with 47 remaining. Scheduled completion of the pole replacements will
be within the next 4 to 5 months. New caps have been installed on all the new poles replaced to
Trees on the south side of the marina from the boat ramp to the main parking lot are scheduled for
removal in the next week or two. This will improve the beauty and views of the marina.
As dock repairs are ongoing, the board approved the purchase of cedar lumber for the repairs.
Operation SEAs the Day was a success with 18 families being able to take part. We had one rain
day which caused cancellation that day.
New Business
Its time for our annual fire extinguisher collection and inspection.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, 7:00 on 10/24/17
We have had some mattresses dumped on our property behind the concrete jersey wall. If
anyone has seen the individuals responsible or has any information, please pass it along to
the board or to Dockmaster Bob.