Board members present: Gary Carpenter, Gary Taylor, Randy
Forster, Dave Deganich, and Chuck Scharp.
Meeting was called to order by Acting President Gary
Carpenter at 7:10 PM.
Minutes of the previous Board meeting of June 16, 2015 have
been posted on the marina web site (
New Board positions voted and approved
Gary Carpenter, President; Gary Taylor, Vice President; Dave
Deganich, Treasurer; Randy Forster, Secretary; Chuck
Scharp, Member at Large.
Financial Report
Summary of Account Balances: As of 7/28/15 – Checking –
$45,266.51; Capital Reserve as of 7/28/15 – $364,037.50- for a
grand total of assets currently available = $409,304.01.
• Expenses for the month of July as of July 28 totaled
• Income for the month of July was $0.00
• Our contractor continues repairing the decking and rub
rails where needed. A resurfacing project is being
proposed, discussed and will be tested.
• The float box project is complete.
• Gate lock repairs have been ordered.
• Repair to main gate float is being discussed. Contractor
proposal has been received.
• A new NO Wake and NO Gas sign will be ordered and
placed in service at mouth of marina.
• DVR replacement for our security system has been
ordered and should be placed in service on August 12.
• Men’s Room Urinal has been repaired.
Old Business:
• Maintenance Dredging and Floating Dock still under
review. Applications and permits are needed for both
dredging and the Floating Dock by DREC and Army Corps
of Engineers. Dredging would include the mouth of the
marina and H dock. It usually takes about one (1) year
from filing of applications to get approvals. Permits are
good for a ten (10) year period.
• Sluice Update – An Irons Lane Watershed Meeting was
held that included all Irons Lane community leaders and
Senator Hocker and Representative Gray. A Tax Ditch
proposal was put forth to fund water flow improvements
but no decisions have been reached.
• Gary reviewed the Operation Seas the Day program with
the Wounded Warrior Project and noted Brian Emery will
continue to manage the Marina participation this year and
has approximately thirty (30) captain commitments.
Program is scheduled for September 8-11.
New Business:
Dave discussed new check book and banking signatures
that are required by the new board, procedures to pay the
Marina’s bills and generate financial reports. All parties
signed signature cards as required.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at
8:45 P.M.
Next Board Meeting is scheduled for: 9/15/15 @ 7 PM.