Minutes from Board of Directors Meeting, February 24, 2021, 10:00AM

Approved and posted to Marina website the Minutes from January Monthly Board Meeting held on January 26, 2021.

Financial Review

  • Conducted 2020 Annual Assessment update
    • Reviewed the Penalty for late or non-payment of Annual Assessments (per Declarations Section 6.5, pg 20-21)
  • Currently still have three (3) delinquent Slip Owner Annual Assessments, with a total of 9 x Slips
  • Called all three Slip Owners
  • Sent a delinquent letter to one Slip Owner and assessed a 10% late fee IAW the BCMSOA Declarations on nine (9) slips still late.
  • Reviewed the 2021 Marina Budget and Monthly spend plan
  • Paid in full the Marina Franchise tax
  • Turned in all necessary 2020 Marina tax documents for completion
  • 2020 Marina Financial Audit due back May 2021 and available at Annual Meeting
  • Interview new Bank for third Marina Capital Reserve account
  • Reviewed the slip transactions for the month
    • Process for new Slip Owners
  • $300 fee to Association
  • New email/letter packet
  • Constant Contact addition
  • Treasurer/Dockmaster database/file update

Previous Business

  • Updated the Marina website and met with Delaware Digital on three outstanding website issues
  • DNREC completed on-site inspection for completion of 2020-22 Marina O&M Plan. Still awaiting final approval and report from POC Julie Molina, Environment Scientist, DNREC Division of Water and Wetlands
  • Updated Constant Contact list with new Slip Owners and Renter’s emails (continual)
  • Updated the 2021 Marina Rules and Regulations; post to website, bulletin boards, and send copy in March annual mailing
  • Renewed the Marina BoatUS Marina Discount
    • Coop Group Application Renewal:  GA85009B
  • Nominating Committee provided candidate search list for Board vacancies.  Nominating committee chair – Bill Hoyle
  • Marina Website
    • Still updating Governing Documents with Declaration Amendments on website
      • Selling first right of refusal
      • Marina Board positions

Maintenance work

  • Completed:
  • Repaired Gate 1 lockset; lock was frozen and required re-greasing.
  • Replaced batteries in both Men’s and Women’s Restroom locksets
  • New and Ongoing:
  • Discussed Dock Repairs; walk-thru meeting scheduled with Apple Marine Construction on Saturday, February 27, 10:30AM (George Apple)
    1. Repair dock under-bracing between G and H dock
    2. Replace two damaged pile cap covers on G or H-dock; Apple Marine Construction will replace
  • Repair and fill Dock holes with cement compound; Apple Marine Construction will fill
  • Check/repair H Dock white light (stays on during daylight hours); Board member will check and replace photo sensor
  • Replace burnt out dock pedestal bulbs/light sensors; ongoing by Dockmaster upon his return in March/April)
  • Install new Panel Box overhead roof assembly over Gate 1; scheduled for March and completed by Board
  • Adjust Gate 1 door so that it closes properly; Board member will trouble-shoot and repair

New Business

  • Election Committee Chair presented three (3) Candidates to the Board for the 2021 Marina Election; Board approved the three Candidates and they will formulate a bio for the 2021 Marina Election in May
  • Discussed preparation and mailing of the Annual Meeting and Election Voting ballot mailings
      • Voting ballots and envelopes (Update Slip Owner data base)
  • Reviewed Marina Monthly activity task list for March and April; no outstanding due-outs
  • Send out Constant Contact email to all Slip Owners for the purchase of new Dock Boxes; send in March
  • Send out Constant Contact Welcome email for 2021 Boating Season to all Slip Owners and Slip Renters; send in March
  • Continue updating new Slip Owner and Slip Renter information sheets
    • Treasurer – add to master data base file
    • Secretary – add to Constant Contact email distribution list
    • Dockmaster –
      • Slip Owner folder and data base file
      • Slip Renter data base file
      • Update Marina display board
      • File new Data Contact Sheets for Slip Owners and Renters
      • File new $300K Insurance policies
      • File new Boat Registration cards
  • Discussed the Marina liability insurance discussion
      • Pratt Insurance, Kevin Malloy
      • Produce one slide on insurance coverage for Annual Meeting
      • Schedule for April Board meeting an insurance review with Agent Kevin Malloy
  • Discussed taking water depth readings in channel of Marina to determine actual depth of water during low tide and when next potential dredging needs to occur
  • Reviewed new Slip Owner’s request
  • Reviewed Bay Colony Community Lot L-22 update
  • Approved having Dockmaster Tom returning mid-March to begin Marina office work; President and Vice President to review with Dockmaster 2021 duties

Future Business

  • Marina Dredging Permitting process with DNREC and USACE
    • Previous Marina dredging conducted December 1-31, 2017, $100K
  • Marina Replacement proposals
  • Capital Improvement Loan Information
  • Marina Grants


Next Monthly Board Meeting: Tuesday, April 6, 10:00AM (Marina Office)


Mid-March Board gathering to complete March Marina mailing of President’s letter, candidate’s bio, voting ballot, 2021 Budget insert, 2021 Rules and Regulations insert (Marina Office)