Board members present – Gary Carpenter, Dave Deganich, Hank Larsen, Don Degidio, Keith
Meeting was called to order at 7:00PM
Minutes of the May 15 meeting were approved
Financial Report
Financial report was reviewed and approved.
Old Business
Pole Replacement: Pole replacement is complete. Caps still have to be installed on several poles.
Dock Repairs: Dock repairs will continue to be an ongoing process. The Marina Board will walk the
docks to itemize and prioritize areas requiring repairs.
Annual Meeting: The annual meeting will took place on 5/19/2018. The two candidates elected to
open positions for the Marina Board were Keith Moore and Chuck Sharp.
Tender Boat Acquisition: A Tender Boat was purchased for $1800
Operation Seas the Day: Gary Carpenter and Don Degidio will attend the upcoming operational
meeting. This will be followed up with an e-mail to members looking for volunteer contributors.
New Business
Update and Organize Outdoor Display Boards: The outdoor display boards will be made current
with updated slip sales and rental information.
Speed Limit Signage: An additional 5MPH sign will be added to the marina parking lot in an effort
to slow down drivers. If this is not effective, speed bumps may have to be added in the future.
Wind Sock: A wind sock will be added to the end of H dock so that boaters entering and leaving
the marina can get a feel for wind speed and direction.
Parking Lot Maintenance: The parking lot will be inspected to list and prioritize needed repairs.
Master Owners and Renters List: Updated and complete.
Next Meeting: Tuesday, 7:00PM on 7/24/2018