Board members present: Brian Emery, Keith Moore, Gary Carpenter, Randy
Forster and Gary Taylor. Future Board Members Dave Deganich and Chuck
Scharp attended to get acquainted with the board format.
Meeting was called to order by President Emery at 7:00 PM.
Minutes of the previous Board meeting of April 21, 2015 have been posted on the
marina web site (
President Emery announced that a new board member, Randy Forster, has been
appointed to replace Rafael Perez who resigned from the board. Welcome Randy.
Financial Report
1. Summary of Account Balances: As of 5/16/15 – Checking – $77,855.60; Capital
Reserve as of 5/16/15 – $378,261.01 – for a grand total of assets currently available =
2. Expenses for the months of March totaled $2,213.84.
3. Keith Moore submitted the listing of the 2015 paid assessments and all have been
1. Our contractor has surveyed the docks for needed float box replacements. There
are 38 additional boxes that need replacement and this will be done this year.
2. A new green buoy had been ordered to replace one which was lost over last
3. Contractor has submitted a repair estimate to the Board for replacing the
deteriorating pilings in the marina. This project was estimated to be spread over a
four year period with the pilings in need of immediate repair to be done the first
year. There are 100 pilings in the marina so approximately 25 will be replaced each
of the next four years. Repairs will begin this fall when the marina is empty of
4. Plumbing contractor still has some minor pipe repairs that will be done shortly.
5. A new solar entrance light has been shipped and will be installed once received.
The Board asks boaters to be careful navigating at night until the entrance light is
6. To summarize there will be four major capital projects started this year. Finish
the wood repairs on the docks, replace the 38 floating dock boxes, replace
approximately 25 damaged and deteriorated dock pilings and build the courtesy
dock at the boat ramp.
Old Business:
• Sluice update: Brian reported that he received a call from Representative Gray
who is setting up a meeting with DNREC to continue the discussion of repair to
the sluice.
• The new courtesy dock will be started once the contractor receives the permits
from DNREC allowing us to build the dock.
• Brian discussed the data base notifying the new board members that
someone will have to take over the maintenance of it after the July meeting.
He also has set up the alarm system to the building with the new members
added and old members deleted from the system.
• There was a long discussion about future ramp security and how best to
handle unauthorized use of the ramp at the marina. The marina ramp can
only be used by owners or renters of the marina and their immediate family
and only after the proper insurance certificate is turned in at the marina
office showing $300,000.00 in liability insurance is in place. A new trailer
sticker system was discussed. Once this new trailer sticker system is in place
any unauthorized trailers at the marina launch ramp will be subject to being
towed at the owner’s expense. Other ideas were mentioned and Brian Emery
will draft the initial documents associated with implementing this new sticker
rule regarding use of the boat ramp. It was suggested that the Bay Colony
Board be asked to send an email to all community residents reminding them
that the Marina is separate from the Bay Colony Development and property
owners who do not own or rent a slip are not authorized to use the marina.
• There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 P.M.
Next Board Meeting is scheduled for: 6/16/15 @ 7 PM.