April Board of Directors Meeting, held May 5, 2021, 8:30AM

Approval and web posting of Minutes from March Monthly Board Meeting held on

April 6, 2021. 

Financial Review

  • Review the 2021 Marina Budget and Monthly spend plan
  • 2020 Marina Financial Audit due back May 2021 and available at Annual Meeting
  • Interview new Bank for third Marina Capital Reserve account; spilt funds
  • Review the slip transactions for the month
    • Process for new Slip Owners
    • $300 fee to Association
    • New email/letter packet
    • Constant Contact addition
    • Treasurer/Dockmaster database/file update

 Previous Business

  • DNREC Annual Marina Wetlands Environmental Inspection was completed and passed by DNREC Division of Water and Wetlands
  • DNREC completed on-site inspection for completion of 2020-22 Marina O&M Plan. Still awaiting final approval and report from POC Julie Molina, Environment Scientist, DNREC Division of Water and Wetlands
  • Updated Constant Contact list with new Slip Owners and Renter’s emails (continual)
  • Updated the 2021 Marina Rules and Regulations and posted to bulletin boards
  • Updated and posted BoatUS Marina Discount and Boater Safety Information on Outdoor Bulletin Board
    • Coop Group Application Renewal:  GA85009B
  • Started up landscape and bathroom cleaning contracts for 2021
  • Continue to update Marina Website
    • Slips for Rent and Sale
    • 2021 Events
    • Still updating Governing Documents with Declaration Amendments on website

Maintenance work – Completed

  • Purchased and replaced two Dock fire extinguisher boxes that were broken
  • Installed bathroom wall air fresheners for Men’s and Ladies bathrooms
  • Installed Summer Red and Green Channel buoys and replaced Green buoy weights and chains
  • Status on repair of H Dock white light (stays on during daylight hours); purchase and replace photo sensor
  • Replace 1-2 upward electrical grass outlets with flush ground outlets
  • Power wash back of Marina Office building and backside stairway
  • Re-position Red Buoy. Touch-up paint on Green Buoy.
  • Ongoing replacement of burnt out dock pedestal bulbs/light sensors
  • Install remainder of new Panel Box overhead roof assembly over Gate 1
  • Take water depth readings in Marina channel to determine actual depth of water during low tide
  • Review proposal by Apple Marine Construction (George Apple) for the following dock items:
    1. Repair dock under-bracing between G and H dock and also H-dock
    2. Replace two damaged pile cap covers on G or H-dock
  • Repair and fill Dock holes with cement compound

New Business

  • Prepare for Marina Annual Meeting on Saturday, May 15, 10:00AM
    • Annual Brief
    • Financial update
    • Meet DE COVID protocols
    • Clean garage and set-up chairs, tables, computer, and TV screen
  • Review Marina Monthly activity task list for May, June, July
  • Need Marina Lead – participate in Bay Colony Community Annual Garage Sale; Saturday, June 5.  Hold in large portion of Marina parking lot – one parking space per person.
  • Send out Constant Contact email to all Slip Owners regarding mandatory requirements to put boat in slip (boat insurance, registration, slip owner’s information sheet; same for Slip Renters) and to mail in voting ballots
  • Continue updating new Slip Owner and Slip Renter information sheets
    • Treasurer – add to master data base file
    • Secretary – add to Constant Contact email distribution list
    • Dockmaster –
      • Slip Owner folder and data base file
      • Slip Renter data base file
      • Update Marina display board
      • File new Data Contact Sheets for Slip Owners and Renters
      • File new $300K Insurance policies
      • File new Boat Registration cards

Future Business

  • Review Marina Dredging Permitting process with DNREC and USACE
    • Previous Marina dredging conducted December 1-31, 2017, $100K
  • Review Marina Replacement proposals
  • Look at potential Capital Improvement Loan Information
  • Look at potential for Marina Grants

Next Monthly Board Meeting: Tuesday, May 25, 9:00 (Marina Office)