Board members present: Brian Emery, Keith Moore, Gary Carpenter, Rafael Perez and Gary Taylor.

Minutes of the previous Board meeting on September 9, 2014 have been posted on the marina web site (

Meeting was called to order by President Emery at 6:30 PM.
The Board heard a report from a local contractor concerning the construction of a courtesy dock and walkway at the launch ramp. It has been noted in the past that the current set-up can be dangerous if a boat is launched or retrieved by only one person. Installing a walk ramp and courtesy dock may allow for easier and faster launch and retrieval of boats. The contractor gave the board a drawing of his proposal along with a written proposal of costs associated with the project. The board will discuss the proposal, get input from slip owners and make a decision before the end of the year.

Financial Report
• Summary of Account Balances: As of 10/04/14 – Checking – $28,192.02; Capital Reserve as of 10/04/14 – $323,565.35 for a grand total of assets currently available = $351,757.37.
• Expenses for the month of September were $8,529.90. Marina dock repair bills were reviewed for October payment.
• The annual billing process and preparation of billing statements was discussed and Brian Emery will update the letter and send to board members for comments.

1. The new lock on the men’s room lavatory has been fixed by the contractor. It still is a little tight and may not shut on its own. Until that is corrected users are asked to push the door tight so it locks.
2. Pipe straps. Contractor will continue to replace pipe support straps where needed.
3. The request for an upgrade in electric service by a slip owner was denied since the proper service is coming to the marina and no increase is needed. It was discovered that the boat in question has adequate systems on board to run the equipment on the boat.
4. Bob has been replacing burnt out light bulbs as necessary. Currently all lights are now operational. It was discussed at the meeting to turn the lights at the docks off during winter months to conserve energy and prolong the bulb life.
5. The decking repairs are still ongoing. Wood for the next two seasons will be ordered in November since there is a shortage of white cedar and it may be the last of this wood we can get. Alternative types of wood may have to be looked into in the future.
6. Winterization of the marina was discussed and Gary Carpenter was instructed to call and get us on the schedule of the contractor who performs this process for the marina. Gary will winterize the bathrooms this year.
7. The new Maintenance Plan was updated by Brian and handed out to each board member listing the needed procedures for each month’s maintenance and procedures.

Old Business:
Sluice update: Brian reported that there has been no additional information from the state concerning the sluice repair. We are waiting for the state to decide if they will participate in the

New Business:
The new camera is being installed that will give better resolution for viewing and provide additional security to the marina. Brian will call Ray Barbuto and set up a meeting to put together
a life cycle program for the marina assets. Gary Taylor and Rafael Perez will assist Ray with the project to be scheduled during the winter months.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:10 P.M.
Next Board Meeting is scheduled for: 11/11/14 @ 7 PM.