Board members present: Brian Emery, Keith Moore, Gary Carpenter, Rafael Perez and Gary Taylor.

Minutes of the previous Board meeting on August 12, 2014 have been posted on the marina web site (

Meeting was called to order by President Emery at 7 PM.

Financial Report
• Summary of Account Balances: As of 09/08/14 – Checking – $35,554.69; Capital Reserve as of 09/08/14 – $323,249.78 for a grand total of assets currently available = $323,249.78.
• Expenses for the month of August were $11,707.59. Income of $3,664.50 was generated. Marina dock repair bills and fire extinguisher refill bills were reviewed for September payment.
• A request for budget information was requested by NV Homes for inclusion in their home/slip packages being offered. It was decided to direct NV Homes to the minutes of the meeting which have financial information posted and are available on our web site. Our financial statements are an operating budget not a capital budget, therefore all pertinent information is in the minutes each month.
• The new computer back-up system was ordered and is now operating. It is a Seagate system that cost $89.57.
• In lieu of a telephone answering system, a new outdoor bulletin board was installed and has a listing of all officers’ phone numbers and other pertinent information in case of an emergency.
• It was decided to keep the fax system instead of voice mail on the phone system since Bob receives many faxes during the month.

1. Gary Carpenter did an inventory of the Spill Containment supplies and found them to be adequate. No new purchases are necessary.
2. The new lock on the men’s room lavatory has been installed. The new latch plate needs some adjustment and the contractor will be called to fix the minor problem. Until that is accomplished users are asked to push the door tight so it locks.
3. Pipe straps. Contractor will continue to replace pipe support straps where needed.
4. The electric line repairs at the south entrance is complete and the north entrance will be complete after the water is shut off in the fall to allow the contractor to cut the pipe and install the wiring above it and then re-attach the water pipe.
• There has been a request for an upgrade in electric service by a slip owner who requires more service than is currently available. The slip owner has agreed to pay for any upgrade costs and we are now waiting for information from DEC about the availability of additional service to the marina.
• The board is still unsure of the decking surface material being investigated and has not decided if it is the best long term solution to the wood deterioration problem. More investigation is needed.
• Bob has been replacing burnt out light bulbs as necessary.

Old Business:
• Sluice update: Brian reported that there was a meeting held on August 27, 2014 at the Sea grass Plantation Clubhouse. Bay Colony Marina representatives Brian Emery and Gary Carpenter were in attendance at this most important meeting on the issue of repairing or replacing this structure. The engineering firm came back with a revised design that was not as extravagant as previous designs. The board reviewed the new design and agreed it made better sense than the previous designs. It was still not totally clear as to who will be asked to pay for this repair but the Bay Colony
Board made it clear that they still contended it was a State of Delaware problem.
• The Operation Seas the Day program was again a huge success as reported by Brian Emery who chaired the boating program for the project. Again the response from the Warriors was that it was an outstanding program and all had a great time. The entire board thanked Brian and all the Captains and Mates and wives of the captains for a job well done again this year.

New Business:
• There was another unfortunate incident at the marina where someone robbed several boats of their fishing equipment late at night. Fortunately, the cameras picked up most of the action and a copy of the tapes are being sent to the Delaware State Police for further action. The matter is currently being investigated by the police. No final information has been received back yet.
• The Board again discussed the problem of the drop off at the end of the ramp and the need for a courtesy dock to allow boaters easier access to the marina during launching and retrieving of vessels. The board is still waiting for quotes from contractors to correct the situation. The board hopes to have the quotes by the next meeting.
• The last order of business was a request from NV Homes for the Marina Board to agree to eliminate the requirement of “Right of First Refusal” to allow NV Homes to skip that step when including slips in their home packages. The board felt it important, to make sure the slips were not sold at bargain prices, to keep this requirement in its covenants to make sure the slip
prices stayed strong for future sales by current slip owners. The board asked the President to respond to NV Homes that we would not relinquish this covenant.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:45 P.M.
Next Board Meeting is scheduled for: 10/14/14 @ 7 PM.